FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

Amazing effect on Breathing

For a long time, a patient’s breathing during sleep was influenced by snoring and sleep apnea in alarming extent. Only regular FaceFormer training brought relief. Here, the patient reports the amazing effect that FaceFormer therapy has on his breathing

Dear Dr. Berndsen,

The last time I reported to you in July. After nearly 2 years I am glad that I have followed your advice and did not follow the doctor’s suggestions. I will not do any of the proposed operations. Likewise, I will not use a bite splint.

The pulse oximeter with which I sometimes measure the oxygen content of the blood at night is a certain safety. In the last half year I had once a night, in which I woke up and gasped for air. That night I happened to have the pulse oximeter on my finger. At this time I had an oxygen saturation of 91%, the body was not deficient with oxygen (with an average oxygen content of 95%). Maybe I was dreaming about it.

No longer snoring

My wife tells me that I am snoring no longer. I would only grunt sometimes. Also, sometimes I would breathe out through my mouth.

Regular FaceFormer training

I usually use your FaceFormer every 2nd to 3rd day. Likewise, I do my breathing exercises regularly. 3 times a week I do power training in the studio, supported by gymnastics. There are also regular walks and gardening. Because of my extra systoles I take Tromcardin complex. This reduces the extra systole and the heart beats more evenly. I feel more at ease.

Amazing positive effect

I hope the exercises with the FaceFormer are sufficient. It would be a pity if there was a deterioration in the course of time after I had practiced so long. Looking back, I’m amazed at how positive the FaceFormer affects the breathing, already at the beginning.

Learned a lot

In the last two years I have had many doctors. I have not only had good experiences, I learned a lot for it. I often felt like a cow that is milked because I am privately insured.

Mit dem FaceFormer Spezial-Set gegen Schnarchen und Schnarchapnoe

With the FaceFormer spezial set against snoring and sleep apnea

Dear Dr. Berndsen, I would like to thank you once again for your constant support in the last two years. No doctor would have done such a thing. I’ve been thinking a lot for a long time. Since I like reading a lot, Montaigne seemed to me to be right for you, honestly and without curiosity, just as I personally value you.

I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a healthy new year.

Best regards

Theophil G.
14. Dez. 2011

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