Scientific contributions from Dr. Klaus Berndsen und Sabine Berndsen

Better Breathing with Face Former Therapy


The goal of the pilot study was to discover whether the Face Former Therapy of Dr. Klaus Berndsen and Sabine Berndsen had a measurable positive influences on certain disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, pain within the head, face, neck, breathing disorders and posture problems as well as on running performance.

Materials and Methods

Two groups of six runners each trained consistently according to the plans of the training expert and running assistant Peter Maisenbacher. One of the groups exercised additionally with the Face Former. The training advancement of the participants was tested with the help of two lactate threshold tests, which were performed every seven weeks on a treadmill.


The Face Former group showed a considerable improvement in endurance during training: The participants could increase their speed to the aerobic threshold (2.0 mmol lactate per liter) about 36,4 percent. The control group merely about 1.08 percent. In parallel, the heart rate sank upon reaching the aerobic threshold about 6.56 percent for the Face Former group and only 0.75 percent for the control group.

Institute for Movement and Nutrition