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The Coronavirus – Quarantines – Ghost games – Cause for concern?

Due to the fact that even patients in the current Covid-19 situation contact us by phone and ask if it is safe to come to the practice (ISST Unna), we have decided to publish another article about the virus.

For the first time in history an entire country was quarantined: Italy. In this country it is recommended to cancel every event with more than 1.000 participants and they will indeed be cancelled. Never seen before: Football derbies are becoming ghost games. Austria refuses Italians entry without a medical certificate. Share prices of various companies collapse. Individuals in Germany are put into a 14-day quarantine. You’d think the situation was getting out of control.

But there is a simple reason behind this. They want to slow down the spread of the disease in order not to overload the health system. In most cases Covid-19 takes a gentle course and settles in the degree of severity between a common cold and a flu to which one can simply “sit out”. A minimum of infection, however, results in a severe course of the disease, mainly in people with corresponding previous illnesses.  With a rapidly increasing infection rate, however, the absolute number would rise and possibly exceed the capacities of our health care system. Nevertheless, the relative rate remains low. People with such a course of the disease require intensive medical care and these capacities are limited. The aim is to spread this burden over time. For further information provides the Robert-Koch-Institute.

It is also worth mentioning that the common influenza is currently raging just as much and can cause just as severe courses of disease. Therefore, two viruses with high infection potential are currently rampant, which can quickly overload our health care system.

Important hint

Currently, an exception rule of german health insurance companies has been made, according to which it is sufficient to consult a doctor by telephone in the case of respiratory tract complaints in order to certify the inability to work if necessary.

How can I protect myself?

Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands!

It may sound like an up-and-down cliché, but it is actually one of the most effective methods of preventing the spread of disease. The coronavirus has an incubation period of several weeks. Infected persons do not feel any symptoms during this period, but they are able to infect other people. So you cannot know whether you have come too close to someone who is infected with the virus or even shaken their hand. In addition, infected people can reduce the risk of smear infections on surfaces and objects for others, for example in the family environment or in companies.


Es existieren verschiedenste Formen von Desinfektionsmitteln. Viele wirken jedoch nur bedingt gegen Viren. Daher darauf achten, dass diese als viruzid eingestuft sind. Es kann durchaus Sinn machen, in hochfrequentierten Umgebungen wie einem Büro die Türklinken zu desinfizieren. Es hilft aber schon ein scharfes Putzmittel. Auch hier lautet die wichtigste Devise: Wash your hands!

Keep a distance

In general, you should not get too close to anyone. A distance of at least 1 to 2 meters is recommended. Of course this distance cannot be maintained in all everyday situations. Therefore everyone should think about in which situations such close contact is necessary and whether it can really be avoided.

Correct sneezing and coughing

As banal as this directive may sound, it is often applied incorrectly. It does not actively protect against infection, but it would have a positive effect if everyone followed it.  Just keeping your hand in front of your nose and mouth is of little use. The pathogens get directly onto the palms of the hands and from there, by touch, onto surfaces in the environment. However, it is more effective to turn around when sneezing and coughing and thus turn away from the person opposite. Additional shielding with a handkerchief is important. It should be disposed of immediately afterwards. It is also important to wash your hands immediately after sneezing and coughing.

Nose breathing

This may sound somewhat abstract, but it is actually a problem.  Many people breathe through their mouths, often unconsciously. Many claim they breathe through their nose when you are spoken to. However, this does not work as well as assumed. For many people, an intensive distraction, for example by watching television, or a minimal effort, such as climbing a few steps, is enough to switch to mouth breathing. The first barrier of our immune system is thus simply ignored.

Die Nase filtert Partikel wie Viren, Bakterien, Sporen, Pollen und Staub aus der Luft, die wir einatmen, und entfernt sie auch über die Schleimhaut. Dem Mundatmer fehlt jedoch diese wichtige Schutzfunktion. Er kann nicht gepflegt oder der Mund geschlossen werden, damit er ständig funktioniert. Abhilfe kann nur durch eine Umschulung des Atemverhaltens geschaffen werden. Denn auch die Nasenatmungswege müssen für die Atemluft ausreichend passierbar sein. Jeder kann einen Ball kicken, aber man kann nur durch regelmäßiges Training zum Fußballer werden. Eine erfolgreiche Methode, um die vitale Nasenatmung Tag und Nacht aufrechtzuerhalten, zu stärken oder wiederzugewinnen, ist das FaceFormer-Training.

Respiratory masks?

Junge Frau mit Atemschutzmaske

Schutzmasken bieten trügerische Sicherheit

No! Unfortunately masks do not provide sufficient protection. They can even have the opposite effect, creating a false sense of security and making you instinctively carefree, thus increasing the risk of infection. Protective masks only help if a person is already infected. The mask thus reduces the risk of the surrounding people being infected by the infected person.

Hoarding and bunkering?

Rather not like that! But apparently some people think that the time has come when food and consumer goods such as toilet paper, disinfectants or vitamins should be hoarded. The human being as a top predator is at the end of the food chain, but as a civilized individual he is at the end of the supply chain and therefore everyone benefits from a functioning infrastructure. soap and disinfectants only have their desired effect when everyone has access to them and not individuals sitting on mountains of disinfectants. In general, the german Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster recommends – regardless of the corona epidemic – that food be kept in the household for 10 days. Certainly a good standard recommendation, which does not have to be exceeded even now.


There is to keep calm. The chief virologist of the Charité in Berlin even assumes that 60-70% of the German population will be infected with the corona virus. However, the time frame is unknown. Also the head of the Frankfurt health authority speaks of the fact that the chain of infection can no longer be interrupted but at the same time that this disease is not serious. It is only much done to prevent a too fast spread in order not to overload the health care system and to give severe cases the help they need. In addition, drugs are also being developed at high pressure. Among them already some promising candidates. Among them is an existing drug called Remdesivir, which is used for Ebola. Another promising drug inhibits the enzyme that the virus apparently needs to enter the cells of the lungs. It is expected that when these drugs go into production, they will only need to be produced in moderate quantities, as a relatively large proportion of the infection is mild.

Natural protection against infection

Learn more about harmful mouth breathing and switching to healthy nasal breathing.

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