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Cleft lip and palate – Consistent FaceFormer training pays off

My son (9 years old) was born with a left-sided cleft lip and palate. He also quickly manifested CMD. The mouth was constantly open, the tongue hung limply out of the mouth, permanent salivation and very poor speech quality were the result. The jaw malpositions were pre-programmed. At the same time, he constantly had a cold, and without a tympanostomy tube, new effusions quickly developed in the middle ear. This was a consequence of the anatomical anomaly but also due to the complete lack of nasal breathing. Despite conventional and consistent speech therapy, the results were poor or even non-existent.

Only the change to ISST Berndsen at the age of 3 years brought the turnaround. Establishing the FaceFormer day and night and doing exercises consistently 3 times a day according to Dr Berndsen’s instructions showed a clear improvement after only a few months, especially in the quality of speech. The salivating also came to an end quickly. The exercises continue to this day, but they are integrated into everyday life and my son now does them almost independently. Even a major speech-improving operation could be averted through the consistent use of the FaceFormer and the exercises.

Conclusion: If we had known sooner that the FaceFormer and ISST existed, we would have decided to use it right after the birth. It is certainly not always easy to practice consistently with a (small) child, but it pays off. Many thanks to Dr Berndsen and the whole team for their patience and highly competent care. Anyone who doesn’t know our son’s history can’t tell, not least because of the scientifically based concept behind the Face Former.

Family B. from HSK

Finally an end to breathing stops

A spontaneous phone call in our practice

In a spontaneous telephone conversation with our practice, the 80 year old former farmer Karl Kaub from Büren-Brenken told us about his consistently positive experiences with FaceFormer Therapy.

CPAP device was very uncomfortable

I ordered the Face-Former in 2002. At that time I was 66 years old and had a CPAP device. It had a lot of accessories, e.g. humidifier, special mask etc., but I still had problems using it. I had a constant cold, my nose was running and night-time application was extremely uncomfortable.

No more stressful breathing stops after four weeks

After I got the FaceFormer, I practiced intensively with it, exactly as it is written in the manual. After only 14 days my wife told me that she could no longer detect snoring at night and after another 4 weeks I had the impression that even the stressful breathing stops no longer occurred.

After another 4 weeks I returned my CPAP device to the health insurance company because I couldn’t cope with it anyway. I have continued the FaceFormer training consistently. Since then, I no longer suffer from daytime tiredness, snoring and have no noticeable breathing problems.

At night I still use FaceFormer today for safety reasons. I also practice once more during the day, but only because I sing in different choirs and believe that my voice will stabilize and maintain itself through the training. The choirmasters have already been surprised that I can still sing difficult tenor passages. I am firmly convinced that this is a success of the FaceFormer Training.

My health is very good. I still cycle 2500 km a year and I do some kind of sports every day. Despite regular use, I have only bought a FaceFormer twice since 2002. I would like to thank you very much for the fact that you were able to help me so successfully.

I also agree if you give my name, address and telephone number*. Maybe I can give good advice to other affected people.

Karl Kaup,

*For data protection reasons we do not publish any addresses or telephone numbers here. If you would like to talk to Mr. Kaub about his experiences, please send us an e-mail. We will gladly forward the contact.

FaceFormer-Therapie: Anwender berichten über ihre Erfahrungen

Consistent training against neck pain and jaw cracking

I have problems with my jaw, or rather constant jaw cracking and therefore probably neck and headaches. Exactly these symptoms are also on the instructions manual of the Faceformer. I am curious what happens after frequent use of the Faceformer and if there are any improvements. My physiotherapist recommended the FaceFormer to me. I ordered it immediately and the package arrived super fast.

Delivery within Germany: Top! Ordered on Thursday and arrived on Saturday.

Package contents: As described on the Internet, the package contains the Faceformer with storage box, a training DVD, a training calendar and a simple intructions manual.

Of course, I started the training on the first evening with motivation. After the FaceFormer tasted a little bit like plastic in the beginning, the smell disappeared after a few applications. After each application I wash it under hot water.

Since then I have been doing the exercises daily as described on the instructions. I also note down all exercises in the enclosed calendar.

Right after the second training I had sore muscles, which shows that it works and trains the muscles.

The pain is also becoming less in my opinion. However, the jaw crackling is still there.

On day 10 the jaw cracking has unfortunately not yet disappeared. But the neck pain has disappeared. Therefore I continue to train until the jaw gets better.

A few weeks later, according to my feeling, the jaw has also improved. In any case, I will not stop with the training. My physiotherapist has also said that even the muscles in the mouth area should be trained, so that they can fight against the strong pressure from my jaw, for example.

Long search for help

I had tension and pain in my neck, face and jaw, especially in the left half of my face. I was snoring and at night I woke up 2-3 times. My mouth was dry, so I had to drink constantly.

As a result, I went through a long odyssey from one doctor to another. A dentist made five bite splints for me without success. All efforts remained in vain and my pain became stronger and stronger.  Finally a physiotherapist recommended that I do FaceFormer Therapy with Dr. Berndsen.

After a good year of treatment with FaceFormer Therapy, I am very happy to report that I no longer have any pain. In spite of heavy stress in my family and circle of friends, I am so stable that I can manage my daily life independently and unencumbered without pain, without support, e.g. through the help of my husband.

I have something in my hand that I can help myself with. It’s hard to believe that I got so much quality of life back through such a small thing – the Facy!

Facy – was besseres konnte mir nicht passieren.

For many years, I was dominated by intense ringing in my ears. During my professional life, I have fought it through excessive activism. When I retired, I was particularly tormented by it and my quality of life suffered. The statement of the ENT doctor was devastating: “This is a widespread disease and you have to live with it”.

In the meantime, the ringing in my ears affected me to such an extent that I again visited my family doctor, who referred me to the Institute for Special Systemic Therapy via colleagues.

„Facy – best thing that ever happened to me.“

Sceptical at first, I felt strange, even silly, about using the “thing”. But already after two – three weeks of daily practice I felt better. The very good technical explanations by Mrs. Berndsen were a great help to me. So I learned how the use of the Facy works in therapy and that helped me a lot in the daily exercises (correct tongue position, breathing…). Not only the tormenting ringing in my ears is gone, but also my often occurring neck pain is like blown away. In stressful situations I still have some ringing in my ears from time to time, but this is quickly resolved when I use the Facy for a few minutes.

I could not have imagined that decades of incorrect tongue position and incorrect breathing would lead to success after such a relatively short time using FaceFormer. In the meantime I have a second Facy, which I always have at hand, because only the consistent use of the Facy brings lasting success.

Conclusion: I am well and I have gained a lot in quality of life.

FaceFormer Therapy ends long suffering

Hello, Mrs Berndsen,

I have once written a field report. I give you explicit permission to publish it with my full name.

If only I had come earlier to the ISST Unna to Dr. Berndsen. I would have been spared a long and expensive journey of suffering.

It started 4 years ago with severe headaches in the back of the head and mucous secretion from the left nose.

I only went to the ENT doctor after a long time, a CT showed an inflammation of the sphenoid bone cavity and after a long period of antibiotics an operation was recommended.

I then visited several ENT specialists, all of whom advised me to have surgery. Some also said that I had CMD and sent me to the dentist, others said that I had tensions but they had no solutions. I then invested a lot of money in bite splints and even went to the “GURU” in Kiel and paid a lot of money, despite there was no improvement.

My first surgery was in May 2015, no improvement.

The second surgery was then in June 2016 because a mucocele had formed in the frontal sinus as a result of the first surgery.

Also a third operation was done, because scarring can easily occur, no one has ever mentioned before.

Since my pain did not subside, an ENT doctor recommended a neurologist, unfortunately. This suspected Alzheimer’s, really bad, thank God a second neurologist refuted this diagnosis.

I have also tried osteopathy, physiotherapy, neural therapy, leech therapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy, with unfortunately never lasting success.

Thank God I was lucky to find a dentist, the first one who did not want to earn money from me and sent me to ISST-Unna, Dr. Berndsen.

Mrs. Berndsen told me that she probably could help me and identified malfunctions in the mouth and throat area, lack of mouth closure and mouth breathing as causes for my problems. A strongly deviating head balance and tongue position. Due to lack of nasal breathing, my sinus system was not ventilated. Mrs Berndsen carried out an intensive exercise treatment with me, whereby exercises with the FaceFormer played an important role.

She also said immediately that it will take a long time until I feel better and that I have to do the exercises consistently. I have been training with FaceFormer for almost one year. Little by little I felt better and better and I am very satisfied with the success.

Mrs. Berndsen has recognized the causes much better than anyone else before her and knows connections that are probably not even known to ENT doctors. I am very grateful to Mrs. Berndsen and will keep my further appointments with her exactly. She is the first one who has shown me the right way. Furthermore, there were no additional costs, except for the FaceFormer. A completely insignificant amount, when I think that I previously spent a very large sum of money on unsuccessful treatments, which also constantly worsened my suffering.

Many greetings,
Marita Wibbeke

Training the mouth muscles with the FaceFormer

Our son Theo (5 years) has problems with his mouth muscles from birth. As a baby this was evident in the fact that he had to exert himself a lot when drinking and usually had his mouth open. Even today he still opens his mouth very often and has his tongue a little bit out of his mouth. However, the opening of the mouth and the advancement of the tongue are not due to mouth breathing, but are caused solely by the weak muscle tone in the entire mouth area. I then ordered the FaceFormer for my son on the advice of our osteopath.

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