FaceFormer-Therapie: Anwender berichten über ihre Erfahrungen

Consistent training against neck pain and jaw cracking

I have problems with my jaw, or rather constant jaw cracking and therefore probably neck and headaches. Exactly these symptoms are also on the instructions manual of the Faceformer. I am curious what happens after frequent use of the Faceformer and if there are any improvements. My physiotherapist recommended the FaceFormer to me. I ordered it immediately and the package arrived super fast.

Delivery within Germany: Top! Ordered on Thursday and arrived on Saturday.

Package contents: As described on the Internet, the package contains the Faceformer with storage box, a training DVD, a training calendar and a simple intructions manual.

Of course, I started the training on the first evening with motivation. After the FaceFormer tasted a little bit like plastic in the beginning, the smell disappeared after a few applications. After each application I wash it under hot water.

Since then I have been doing the exercises daily as described on the instructions. I also note down all exercises in the enclosed calendar.

Right after the second training I had sore muscles, which shows that it works and trains the muscles.

The pain is also becoming less in my opinion. However, the jaw crackling is still there.

On day 10 the jaw cracking has unfortunately not yet disappeared. But the neck pain has disappeared. Therefore I continue to train until the jaw gets better.

A few weeks later, according to my feeling, the jaw has also improved. In any case, I will not stop with the training. My physiotherapist has also said that even the muscles in the mouth area should be trained, so that they can fight against the strong pressure from my jaw, for example.