Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer – The patented original

The patented Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer is an approved medical product. The therapeutic training device has been especially developed for the causistical oriented FaceFormer therapy.

Regular exercises with the FaceFormer have an efficacious impact on the activity of the cranial nerves, on the formation of movement patterns, coordination and tension of tissues, muscles and skin in the regions of face, mouth and throat. The training positively promotes the motion and likewise the statics of the body as well as it stimulates the capabilities of perception.

FaceFormer therapy works

FaceFormer therapy strengthens and harmonizes muscle functions, that are of essential importance for

  • position of the teeth
  • facial expression
  • tension of skin and tissues
  • head and body balance
  • chewing
  • swallowing
  • speaking
  • breathing

Original Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer

The shape and material of the FaceFormer are precisely matched to the forces to be set. They are the result of an extensive scientifically controlled adaptation to a large number of patients from the practical treatment.

Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer anatomical in blue

The FaceFormer anatomical

Material and production procedures

The FaceFormer is manufactured in an elaborate and meticulously performed procedure. It is made from Siloprene, an extremly high-quality material. Silopren is biocompatible and has been especially developed for medical use. It contains no appreciable amounts of nitrosamines and is free from plasticizers. Volatile polymer components are evaporated without residue in a multi-hour tempering process. Allergic reactions to the medically approved material are not yet known. Latex parts are not included in the Faceformer.

Silopren meets the requirements

The thoroughly selected material is certificated and approved for medical use. Silopren meets all the necessary requirements and standards of

  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • German Pharmacopoeia (Deutsches Arzneibuch)
  • US-Pharmacopoeia Class V
  • ISO 10993