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Effective help after 10 years of pain

Due to pain in the face and the jaw, as well as numerous other symptoms, one patient made a year-long odyssey from one doctor to another. Here she reports how FaceFormer therapy relieved her from pain after 10 years of strain.

Maybe I can help other people with my story I want to tell.

About 10 years ago I began a development, which can rightly be called a history of suffering. The adaptation and application of my first tooth partial denture was the trigger for this. Immediately after the prosthesis was inserted, I became increasingly worse – headache, jaw joint pain, swallowing disturbances, tongue burning, air swallowing, dizziness, pain in the entire shoulder and back area. With a check of the teeth it was realized now that my bite was not correct. After the prosthesis was changed, in fact, the problems were somewhat alleviated after some time, but also continued affecting me considerably.

10 Years of Pant after Dental Treatment

A few months later I changed my residence and due to the close proximity also the dentist. This one again diagnosed that my prosthesis was not sitting properly, and that the old one had to be replaced by an entirely new construction. He justified the persistent pain with the necessity of this measure. The old dental prosthesis was replaced by a new one. But the pain then became much stronger.

Therapies Without any Effect

Again, medical examinations began with different specialists and therapists. Possible causes were not found and therefore even psychiatric treatments recommended. The visit to another dentist revealed again and again the diagnosis that my bite was not correct. He began to treat me with bite splints and sent additionally me to a physiotherapeutic treatment. The therapies remained without any effect. After another year, the same dentist decided to rebuild my teeth, to permanently change the bite. The result was that my pain continued to intensify. Sometimes immediately after the physiotherapeutical treatment, I had the feeling of relaxation. A few hours later, however, the pain returned as much.

Finally Luck

After every therapy with bite bars, I felt worse. I had the feeling my body could not accept the bar. In addition to headache, swallowing problems, facial pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain, I also suffered from gastric mucosal inflammation. Not even the treatment with a prazol drug showed any succes. I was always more of the opinion that my – at this time more up-to-date – dentist did something wrong and changed again the dentist. I was more and more convinced that my then current dentist did something wrong and changed the therapist again. Finally luck was on my side. I got to the dentist Dr. Klinkenberg in Bochum. His diagnosis meant that he himself did not start any therapy but referred me directly to specialists Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen at the ISST in Unna.

Comprehensive Functional Treatment

From the beginning I had the impression that correlations were recognized here, which no one had previously considered. First, my tongues were surgically solved and afterwards a comprehensive functional treatment started. My tongue had previously had almost no radius of movement and my tongues region was always swollen. After only a few treatment sessions, this and many of the other strains had disappeared. Even the pain in the upper chest area was no longer noticeable. I had swallowed all the time too much air due to my swallowing disorder. Obviously, stomach problems were the result, against which no Prazol drug helped.

Effective Help

Through the therapy methods developed by Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen, especially FaceFormer therapy, I was always better and I am glad, after so many years of despair, to finally come to the right treatment for me.

Marlies B.
Herne, 30. October 2013

Pain free after 10 Years: FaceFormer therapy brought effective help

Pain free after 10 Years: FaceFormer therapy brought effective help

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