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FaceFormer users submit their experience reportFaceFormer users submit their experience reportThe use of the FaceFormer helped you to alleviate or completely eliminate your specific problems, such as snoring, sleep apnea, jaw problems, teeth grinding or other symptoms? Then tell us and other users about your personal experiences with the FaceFormer!

Then we look forward to your personal experience report!

How did you hear about Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer? What is your indication to use of the FaceFormer? What is the effect of your FaceFormer training? Want to share practical tips with other FaceFormer users?

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    User reports

    Thousands of users have been helped in various health problems through consistent FaceFormer training. Some enthusiastic users have kindly allowed us to share their personal experiences with you. Learn more about everyday practice with the FaceFormer.

    User reports Learn more about personal user experience with the faceFormer.