FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Thousands of users have been helped in various health problems through consistent FaceFormer training. Here, some enthusiastic users report to share their personal experiences with you. Learn more about individual insight on the FaceFormer-Therapie and find out the potential.

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Experience reports

Cleft lip and palate – Consistent FaceFormer training pays off

The turning point: Only the consistent use of FaceFormer brought significant progress in the treatment of the son’s cleft lip and palate.

Finally an end to breathing stops

In a spontaneous telephone conversation with our practice, the 80 year old former farmer Karl Kaub from Büren-Brenken told us about his consistently positive experiences with FaceFormer Therapy.

Consistent training against neck pain and jaw cracking

Aufgrund Kieferproblemen, knackenden Gelenken und vermutlich daraus resultierenden Nacken- und Kopfschmerzen empfahl der Physiotherapeut seiner Patientin den FaceFormer. Konsequentes Training mit dem Faci brachte auch bald Erleichterung.

Long search for help

Die Patientin litt unter starken Verspannungen und Schmerzen im Nacken, Gesicht und im Kieferbereich. Nach langer Odyssee von einem Arzt zum nächsten und zahllosen erfolglosen Therapieversuchen wurde sie auf den FaceFormer aufmerksam gemacht.

Nighttime sound attacks have subsided

About 6 weeks ago I purchased your FaceFormer. The use of FaceFormer has now allowed me to move back into the shared bedroom 😊. The nightly noise attacks have decreased enormously. I am very happy about this!

Facy – was besseres konnte mir nicht passieren.

Viele Jahre lang hatte die Patientin große Probleme mit heftigem Ohrenrauschen und starken Nackenschmerzen, bis die gesamte Lebensqualität darunter litt. Kein Arzt konnte helfen. Schließlich wurde sie auf die FaceFormer Therapie aufmerksam gemacht. Die anfängliche Skepsis wich jedoch bald der Freude über die rasch eintretende Besserung. Konsequente Anwendung des FaceFormers brachte schließlich den Erfolg.

FaceFormer Therapy ends long suffering

Eine chronische Nebenhöhlenentzündung und CMD führten zu zahllosen erfolglosen Therapieversuchen. Dann wurden als Ursachen der Probleme Fehlfunktionen im Mund- und Rachenraum, fehlenden Mundschluss und Mundatmung erkannt. Aufgrund fehlender Nasenatmung wurde das Nasennebenhöhlensystem nicht ausreichend belüftet. Eine intensive Übungsbehandlung mit dem FaceFormer führte schließlich zum Erfolg.

Training the mouth muscles with the FaceFormer

Our son Theo (5 years) has problems with his mouth muscles from birth. As a baby this was evident in the fact that he had to exert himself a lot when drinking and usually had his mouth open. Even today he still opens his mouth very often and has his tongue a little bit out of his mouth. However, the opening of the mouth and the advancement of the tongue are not due to mouth breathing, but are caused solely by the weak muscle tone in the entire mouth area. I then ordered the FaceFormer for my son on the…

Jaw anomaly: Experience after 2 months of use

The orthodontist advised the use of FaceFormer due to a jaw anomaly in our 8-year-old son. We then purchased the appliance directly from Dr. Berndsen. I can only recommend purchasing the FaceFormer Special Set. It contains a training DVD and an application plan.

FaceFormer against snoring – Pleasant side effect

Mainly I use the Face Former against snoring. I have tried out many things in the past: braces, nose strips, anti-snoring ointment, etc. This should be the last try before buying a custom-made brace for several hundred euros. Therefore, my wife and I were very sceptical at first.

Report on your own experience!

FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

The use of the FaceFormer has helped you to alleviate or completely eliminate your specific problems with snoring, sleep apnea, jaw pain, teeth grinding or other symptoms? Then tell us and other users about your personal experiences with the FaceFormer. We are interested in your opinion and insights!

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