FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Thousands of users have been helped in various health problems through consistent FaceFormer training. Here, some enthusiastic users report to share their personal experiences with you. Learn more about individual insight on the FaceFormer-Therapie and find out the potential.

Users report their experience with FaceFormer therapy

Experience reports

Successful therapy against jaw pain

The patient suffered from massive jaw pain, which brought to despair. After painfull 15 years, accompanied from countless futile therapies, FaceFormer therapy finally brought deliverance.

Amazing effect on Breathing

For a long time, a patient’s breathing during sleep was influenced by snoring and sleep apnea in alarming extent. Only regular FaceFormer training brought relief. Here, the patient reports the amazing effect that FaceFormer therapy has on his breathing.

Tightens cheeks and mouth region

One user discovered a positive side effect: FaceFormer exercise tightens cheeks and mouth region. She had actually trained with the FaceFormer to relieve tension in the jaw region and the associated pain.

Effective help after 10 years of pain

Due to pain in the face and the jaw, as well as numerous other symptoms, one patient made a year-long odyssey from one doctor to another. Here she reports how FaceFormer therapy relieved her from pain after 10 years of strain.

Report on your own experiences!

FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

The use of the FaceFormer has helped you to alleviate or completely eliminate your specific problems with snoring, sleep apnea, jaw pain, teeth grinding or other symptoms? Then tell us and other users about your personal experiences with the FaceFormer. We are interested in your opinion and insights!

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