Extensive FaceFormer Therapy

The extension of the FaceFormer therapy is based on the enhancement of the Interactive Cranio-Cervical Functional Model according to Berndsen/Berndsen. It takes into account the impact of complex cranial functions on body statics, motoric patterns, activation of complex neurophysiological processes as well as specific brain activities. The method is, on the one hand, an integral part of the diagnosis or course diagnosis and, on the other hand, adjuvant or dominant therapeutic aid.

Coordinatively interactive processes

The extensive FaceFormer therapy combines the activation of special brain functions with neurophysiological movement patterns of the head and complex movement patterns of the body. It is focused on coordinatively interactive processes of brain performance, balance, body statics, body tension and movement.

Comprehensive training

The instruction for extensive FaceFormer therapy is based on the standards according to Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen. It requires a comprehensive theoretical and practical training, the documentation of case studies, as well as a final exam in all areas. These requirements have so far only been demonstrated by therapists of the ISST Unna.

Extensive FaceFormerm-Therapie

Extensive FaceFormer-Therapy: Diagnostic instrument and therapeutic aid