Can children bite off parts of the FaceFormer?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



A speech therapist reported that her client had been able to bite off parts of the FaceFormer. Have you ever heard this complaint? Could it be a manufacturing defect?


Beachten: Der FaceFormer wird hinter den Lippen und vor den Vorderzähnen eingesetzt.

The FaceFormer is placed behind the lips and in front of the front teeth.

The FaceFormer is placed in the oral vestibule, i.e. between the lips and front teeth. In this correct position it is not possible to bite into the mouth shield. However, it can happen that children put the FaceFormer between their teeth, hold it firmly and pull the lip wedge strongly. It is certainly not easy, but with the appropriate stamina it is then possible to tear small pieces from the mouth shield.

The FaceFormer consists of high-quality siloprene, a material for medical applications with a high durability. But with bite forces of up to 80 kg, combined with strong strong tensile forces, even the best material is damaged during many repetitions. However, the damage is caused by incorrect use. It is not a material defect. When used correctly, which the user must learn, there is no damage and the FaceFormer has a long service life.

Parents should make sure that their children use the FaceFormer correctly. Incorrect use can usually be clearly recognized by the bite marks. They will then find small, indentations on the mouth shield or lip wedge. However, the damage is always due to incorrect use and cannot be complained about.