Does FaceFormer-Training reduce an asymmetry of the face halves?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



Can FaceFormer” also be used to improve the appearance of the face to reduce asymmetry in the halves of the face caused by temporomandibular joints of different lengths? Is there any experience with this?


Be sure to train intensively with the FaceFormer! As a rule, asymmetry in the face never develops due to lower jaw sides of different lengths, but rather due to a shift of the lower jaw. The lower jaw is gradually moved muscularly to one side. It does not remain in this position, but is moved continuously. This process goes on for years and there is a high probability of developing pain in the jaw joints, headaches, etc. at some point.

Such a malposition should be corrected functionally with FaceFormer exercises. Under no circumstances should splints be used, which are unfortunately prescribed again and again. The correction is an active process that takes several months because the development of the deformity has taken many years. What has developed incorrectly over the years cannot be corrected immediately from today to tomorrow. Therefore, train regularly and correctly if you really want to be successful. Don’t lose your patience and hold on. It’s worth it!