Does the pressure from the FaceFormer cause tooth displacement?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I have been suggested the Faceformer because of a CMD disease and I am very enthusiastic. Thank you very much for this great development. However, I wonder whether the negative pressure can cause a tooth shift? I feel that the pressure on the incisors is relatively strong. When I take the FaceFormer out of my mouth in the morning, the pressure is clearly noticeable.


The pressure on the teeth is actually an additional, extremely positive property.

As you will see over the next few weeks, teeth that are rotated or protrude from the dental arch also correct themselves with this method. During the exercises and at night, the FaceFormer sucks on the teeth. Since the mouth shield is flexible, the teeth that protrude from the dental arch are subjected to increased pressure and gradually integrate.

The effect is similar to that of braces, but the pressure distribution is more optimal with FaceFormer. At the same time, the causes of protruding teeth are corrected. So first accept the perceived pressure. Nothing negative happens. Once the teeth have been fitted into the dental arch, you will not notice anything more of it.