How do I use FaceFormer with a blocked nose due to a cold or hay fever?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I am an allergy sufferer and especially in spring and summer I suffer considerably from hay fever symptoms with a dripping or blocked nose. Normal breathing through the nose is then often difficult. Can I still use the FaceFormer and do the exercises?


FaceFormer therapy is a preventive method that can generally protect against allergic reactions. However, if the nose is completely blocked, FF therapy cannot be carried out temporarily.

In the case of acute allergic reactions, such as hay fever during the pollen season or colds with impairment of the nasal respiratory tract, the use of the FaceFormer is only possible if sufficient breathing air still reaches the respiratory tract via the nose. Nasal breathing will then improve continuously because the FaceFormer therapy reduces the swelling of the nasal mucous membrane. If the nose is completely blocked, the FF therapy cannot be carried out temporarily.

In the case of allergic reactions, e.g. to pollen, the body releases histamines in the form of so-called exposures, which lead to sticky eyes, snuffs and scratches in the nose, blocked nose, mouth breathing, nocturnal cough, snoring.

In allergy sufferers, there are usually seasonal allergy attacks. In order to reduce their severity, patients should start FaceFormer therapy several months before the onset of these reactions in order to optimise nasal breathing and stabilise the body’s defence system. Although the allergic reactions affect the nasal mucous membrane, the nose is not the central cause. First and foremost, the allergens enter the upper and lower respiratory tract completely unfiltered and unhindered by mouth breathing. The distribution of allergens (or bacteria in the case of a cold) takes place from here and causes both the obstruction of the respiratory tract and bronchial asthmatic reactions.

It is therefore a main goal of the precautionary applied FF therapy not to let this condition develop in the first place, because a stable, automated nasal breathing is built up and general defense mechanisms are strengthened. Accordingly, FaceFormer therapy is a preventive measure that can generally protect you against allergic reactions.