How tight should the tip of the tongue touch?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I bought your Face Former today. Now I have a question about the basic exercise, which will be answered in the video on Youtube.

During the basic exercise, does the tongue automatically press firmly against the palate when the lips are tightened or should it only loosely lie at the anatomically correct point?


We deliberately did not make any specifications for the tongue except to explain the position of the tip of the tongue.

The weaker the tongue is, the more effort is put into keeping the position of the tip of the tongue, which is given in our description. The pressure will be relatively strong. After a certain training period, the pressure will decrease and when the tongue posture gradually adjusts correctly, it will decrease again. During the pulling exercises, the pressure force increases automatically because the tongue wants to move in the pulling direction. This movement is counteracted by higher pressure.

Overall, the tongue pressure therefore varies. You should not pay attention to it at all, because it does not play a role for success. Only the correct position of the tip of the tongue is important. It determines the correct resting position of the tongue and is achieved and automated at some point by FaceFormer training. The musculature of the tongue strengthens and gives the tongue the typical shape to always be in this position. The tongue only leaves its resting position when tongue movements are required for other activities such as chewing, eating, drinking, speaking, etc. Otherwise, even during sleep, the resting position of the tongue is adjusted with the tip of the tongue pointing upwards.

We have invented the FaceFormer and the therapy program, but not the given tongue posture. It is the absolutely correct position and tongue rest that every healthy person needs.