Is FaceFormer training with braces and fixed brackets possible?

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I /w. 41J. have been suffering from sleep apnea for a long time and I am also equipped with a device that still does not give me a satisfactory sleep, because I even snore with the device. In the meantime I have undergone a surgical palatal expansion, which also straightened my nasal septum, as my nasal breathing was very bad and I have an open bite due to childlike thumb sucking.

Now I have a fixed brace with brackets and I wonder if it is also possible with this fixed brace to complete FaceFormer training and perhaps finally get my snoring under control, which has improved a bit but is still present. I would be very grateful for a quick answer, because I never really had a good night’s sleep.


We consider an expansion of the palatal region in adults to be problematic and unnecessary. It also results in a mostly complex dental treatment, which often causes new problems. In addition, the correction of the nasal septum will not bring many advantages. Both are drastic interventions that are of little use to the actual problem. We generally advise against surgery and provide for it only in exceptional cases, because the natural conditions are often damaged.

Nevertheless, we still recommend FaceFormer therapy, which is probably more effective without these procedures. FaceFormer therapy treats the causes. The training causes the flaccid tissue in the mouth and throat to tighten naturally. So we hope that the tissue, mucous membranes and cilia in the conchae have not been damaged too much. Please follow the instructions with the FaceFormer consistently.