Is the tongue also held in the front during sleep?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I bought the Face Former in the hope of getting my snoring under control. The exercises are easy to do after a few repetitions. However, I did not quite understand how the application should be done overnight, as you cannot do any exercises while sleeping. Should the tongue be held in front by permanent negative pressure?


It is correct that you carry out the exercises consistently and regularly during the day. In this way you train relaxed muscles and tissues in the mouth and throat, tongue position, nasal breathing, etc… By the nightly application you will reach mouth closure and get used to nasal breathing takes place also at night. These are important prerequisites for success. You also have microtraining at night because you involuntarily swallow with a high vacuum in the mouth/pharynx. Daily exercises and nocturnal use will keep you going for about 6 months, even if success is already achieved after a short time. We need the time to automate the newly learned.