Nightly use for sleep apnea

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I suffer from sleep apnea and have breathing dropouts at night. I notice how I can’t breathe through my nose and then I have to gasp for air with my mouth. If I wear the Faceformer now in the 3rd week also at night, I can no longer gasp for air over the mouth if I have dropouts. Isn’t that dangerous? I don’t quite understand that.


After about 3 weeks of FaceFormer training, your nasal breathing should have noticeably improved. But you still have to learn to breathe constantly through your nose, even at night. This only works if your mouth is closed at night and you always have to breathe through your nose. That is why the FaceFormer is used at night. It can easily be pulled out of the mouth and this happens very often at the beginning of the nightly application. You won’t necessarily notice this because you do it in a phase where you react but still are asleep lightly.

Thus, use the FaceFormer regularly at night. Don’t be surprised when it is lying on the pillow in the beginning. It did not slip out of the oral vestibule, but you pulled it out. If it is still in the oral vestibule until morning, you have breathed well through your nose during the night. That’s exactly what you need to get used to.