What to do in case of irritation of oral mucosa or lips?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I am very satisfied with the FaceFormer. It was almost my last salvation. The musculature has normalized, the tongue can finally return to its original place, the jaw pain has become much less, you can tell by the teeth that I’m no longer grinding because they feel more stable.

Unfortunately, redness has formed in some areas of the mouth. This could be caused by the suction, where the edges of the FaceFormer press on the lips and gums. What could I do to protect or support oral mucosa and lips?


First and foremost, the positive effect can be attributed to your consistent practice. You must therefore continue the exercises regularly and also use the FaceFormer at night. Red spots occur in the first few days with a few users. A particularly sensitive gum is the cause. The lips are shielded by the FaceFormer’s mouth shield so that the saliva no longer reaches these areas optimally.

To avoid such reactions, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the entire surface of the FaceFormer’s mouth shield before use. Vaseline is harmless and free of harmful substances. The grease reduces the friction that the membrane creates on the gums and thus reduces the reactions described above. If you are uncomfortable with Vaseline, you can also use vegetable oil with the same result.

In order to reduce sensitivity, please treat the inner lip area carefully once or twice a day with a soft toothbrush. The sensitivity will then be reduced after a short time.

If you also feel pressure on your teeth, this is quite normal, because teeth protruding from the dental arch receive more pressure. This should also be the case and the sensation is increasingly diminished because the teeth fit in harmoniously.