Why do I feel pressure on my front teeth in the morning?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I regularly did the FaceFormer exercises and also wore it at night. Unfortunately I always had a feeling of pressure and slight pain in my front teeth at the beginning of the morning. Why is that so?


The FaceFormer’s mouth shield acts like a membrane and closes the oral cavity inwards. It is also pressed against the front teeth. If these are not inserted harmoniously into the dental arch, you will have the pressure sensation you described in the morning. However, the formation of negative pressure in the mouth and throat is urgently necessary in order to achieve the desired results with FaceFormer therapy.

However, the pressure on the teeth only exists for a limited period of time and has a positive effect on the position of the teeth. This is an important reason why dentists and orthodontists also recommend and successfully use FaceFormer therapy. The causes of tooth misalignments are often the same as for other problems that occur in the mouth, throat, face or shoulder/neck region.

The effect described by you is therefore positive and a sign for the correct application of the method. You are training functions that are misdirected but can be corrected. Such changes are also noticeable and exist in the beginning until you have achieved a certain success.

We advise you to continue the therapy with patience and consistency. The success is in no relation to the slight irritations that you will temporarily feel on the way there.