Why you have to bite and swallow during the exercise

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I have a question about how to do the exercises: After pressing the lips, the short bite, swallowing and relaxation of the lips takes place. This is not mentioned in the video, but in the written instructions. I wonder how important it is to ‘bite and swallow briefly’, whether I can skip it, because it is somehow ‘unpleasant’. Does it serve to release the negative pressure that was created during pressing, or does it have another function? Could you instead replace the ‘bite and swallow’ by briefly opening your mouth to release the negative pressure, or could you just go over to relaxation?


Biting and swallowing are very important and take place after 6 seconds of pressing lips or pulling while the tension is still there. This applies to both basic and pulling exercises. The muscle tension in the mouth and throat increases considerably.

There must be both biting and swallowing: When swallowing is performed correctly, it is always preceded by a short bite. By repeatedly performing this procedure consciously, you gradually achieve the unconscious realization, i.e. the correct movements even during sleep.

So: First the lip pressure or pulling exercise. Then bite open. Then swallow. Relax only after that. Even when you relax for 6 seconds, the lips are not opened. You keep all postures, the lips only give up their pressure for 6 seconds.

The negative pressure is maintained throughout the exercise sequence. This is a state that we want to achieve sometime without further support. When nasal breathing works, there is always negative pressure in the mouth and throat when the lips are closed. The negative pressure is only interrupted when the mouth is opened, e.g. while speaking, eating or drinking.