How the nose helps us

Due to mouth breathing, viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust can enter the the respiratory tract unhindered. This allows countless pathogens to bypass the most important filter of the body’s defense system, the nose.

Treat symptoms with positive pressure breathing or treat causes with FaceFormer training therapy

Devices for positive pressure breathing with various technical principles, such as CPAP, also commonly known…

Allergies – A vicious circle of cause and effect

Mouth breathing is the consequence of obstructed nasal breathing. It usually exists from childhood on. The airways of the nose have become narrow at an early age due to a lack of respiratory flow stimulation. In the case of allergic reactions, the mucous membranes in the nasal conchae swell additionally, causing the airways to become even narrower or even close. Mouth breathing is the unavoidable consequence. This creates a vicious circle: The harmful mouth breathing is both trigger and intensifier of the allergy. If it persists, constant repetition and aggravation are to be expected.

The front line of the airways

Breathing masks create a false sense of security. They are not very effective and only protect against infections when used correctly. Nasal breathing, on the other hand, is the ever-present, natural front line against corona and other viruses, bacteria, pollen and much more that attack health.

Nasal breathing – Natural protection against infection with corona virus

Nasal breathing is a natural protection against infections with viruses and bacteria. The FaceFormer method trains natural nasal breathing and stops unhealthy mouth breathing. Find out how FaceFormer Training can also help you optimize and strengthen your immune system.

FaceFormer Therapy – causally against many symptoms

The aim of FaceFormer Therapy is to correct the causes of a syndrome (cranio-cervical dysfunction syndrome). Disturbances of the two most vital functional systems, breathing and swallowing, cause numerous diseases that manifest themselves individually in a wide range of symptoms. This is where FaceFormer Therapy focuses on, by correcting the cause of the dysfunctions, stabilizing the biological system and thus eliminating the syndrome.

CMD – In the maze of specialization

Pain from top to bottom is often assigned to the mode diagnosis CMD. However, the causes of the problem are not as clear-cut as some specialists believe and it is not uncommon for the treatment to miss its target and better not to have been carried out. The actual causes often remain unconsidered or are not even known. If they are neglected, however, they remain for a lifetime and constantly cause other health problems.