The FaceFormer – Training device for the FaceFormer therapy

The patented FaceFormer is an approved medical device. It has been especially developed as training device for the FaceFormer therapy by Berndsen/Berndsen.

Effective influence

Continous Face Former training has an effective impact on cranial nerve function and brain performance, neurophysiological patterning, coordination, tension of tissues and muscles, functions in the mouth, throat and facial regions, body posture, body movement and sensory abilities. It strengthens and harmonizes muscle functions, which are of special importance for chewing, swallowing, speaking, breathing, tooth position and facial expressions, skin, head and body balance.

The shape and material are exactly matched to the forces to be set. They are the result of scientifically controlled adjustments to a large number of patients. Allergic reactions to the high quality and medically approved material are not known.

Der patentierte Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer

A training device developed for the FaceFormer therapy.

FaceFormer therapy – Neurophysiological – Cause oriented

The FaceFormer therapy is based on a cause-oriented, functional training program. Such treatments are well established. They have proven themselves in medicine over decades for the optimization of support and movement functions, against pain and for the conversion of defective movements and malfunctions. The faceformer therapy is therefore applied successfully worldwide.

Foto: FaceFormer-Therapie, Grundstellung

Basic position

Foto: FaceFormer-Therapie, Lippendruck-Übung

Lips pressing exercise

Foto: FaceFormer-Therapie, Zugübung nach vorn

Pulling exercise forward

Foto: FaceFormer-Therapie, Zugübung nach oben

Pulling exercise upward

Foto: FaceFormer-Therapie, Zugübung nach unten

Pulling exercise downward

Gradual approach

Causal therapies, such as the FaceFormer therapy are not successful from one day to the next. Instead, a gradual approach to the desired goal is achieved and success is stabilized. Corrected functions can replace drugs and aids. Surgery can be prevented.

Different from assistive devices

The FaceFormer therapy differs significantly from assistive devices, which may have an effect only in the moment of direct application and thus only affect the symptom. We call this procedure ‘crutching therapy’. ‘If the crutch is not used the patient will fall!’ The goal of somehow getting along without the aid can not be achieved. ‘ The dependency to the crutch remains to the grave. ‘ Lifelong care must also be constantly monitored, improved and strengthened. The resulting costs are immeasurable.

Even in surgical procedures in the mouth, nose, throat, the adequate causative orientation is often lacking. Corrections using scalpels, lasers or radiiwaves, therefore, often lead to only temporary, little or no success. Corrections using scalpels, lasers or radiiwaves, therefore, often lead to only temporary, little or no success.

Persistent changes induced by FaceFormer training

The causal FaceFormer therapy is able to induce positive changes within only a few days or weeks. However, further optimization and, above all, stability will only be achieved if the FaceFormer therapy is applied over a long period of time, according to the guidelines. Therapy is only completed when physiological movement patterns, postures and muscle tension have been consolidated.

For a lasting therapy succes

The FaceFormer therapy should be carried out regularly over a period of 6 months, in order to automate and habituate correct movement patterns and muscle chain functions. This is urgently needed for a lasting therapy success. This applies also if the aimed success already appears after a short time.

Low time expenditure

Because the therapy is easy to carry out and the time expenditure is low (daily 3 times approx. 7 minutes), this should be possible without any problems. Sufficient motivation for a dedicated enduring of the FaceFormer therapy should be the prospect of achieving an unloaded condition with a reasonable effort – even without therapy and aids.

Nightly application of the FaceFormer

The intended night-time application is not only to temporarily prevent disorders, but mainly aims at the conversion of malfunctions and habits. Such conversions are urgently required, since false habits can be both cause and result.

Successful FaceFormer therapy requires adherence to the exercise program on the daytime application of the FaceFormer as well as in the night time. Solely nightly application of the FaceFormer will only have positive impact on the acute state. Conscious training during the day is necessary to reach a state that approaches to the unencumbered normality without using any tools.

FaceFormer training device in nightly application

FaceFormer training device in nightly application