FaceFormer therapy against snoring and sleep apnea

We have developed FaceFormer Therapy for you as a neurophysiological and cause-oriented treatment method.

The goal of the FaceFormer therapy is to change respiratory patterns, to train the breathing muscles, to promote mouth closure when sleeping, to stop mouth breathing and to achieve a sufficient tension of muscles and mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat. All in all, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are to be eliminated.

The FaceFormer therapy takes into account:

  1. The classic principles of muscle training
  2. Re-adjustment of breathing from mouth to nasal breathing)
  3. The development of physiological underpressure conditions in the breathing chambers
  4. Activation of brain nerve functions for better – correct – learning or conversion of complex patterns

FaceFormer Therapy

Why and when against snoring and sleep apnea?

Always! Because it helps – If you do!

The FaceFormer therapy should not be placed in competition with the device overpressure breathing. Rather, it can also be carried out in addition to this. For the person concerned, at least, a possible perspective opens up once again to live a life without device dependency. Even if only a reduction in the overpressure values ​​set on the technical devices were achieved, the user could experience a considerable relief.

We recommend to use the FaceFormer therapy just before the supply of overpressure devices. Often, a supply of equipment has become unnecessary or at least very high pressure values ​​have been avoided. In any case it takes from the diagnosis to the supply with nCPAP usually a few weeks and before were those now as ill-discovered patients finally over a long-term without any supply. Possibly, the patient may not only avoid the expenditure, but also permanent device dependency. Of course, the costs for the cost-bearer are also low, in contrast to the very expensive supply of technical equipment.

Abbildung FaceFormer Spezial-Set

Important: For a successful FaceFormer therapy, the instructions for the application are mandatory. Those affected who won’t do this, and believe that only the possession is helpful, will hardly notice any improvement. Whoever considers the effort too large, max. 30 to 40 minutes a day, you should remember that you have to do something for any improvement. Even passive, purely symptomatic methods, where a device or a machine does something with you, require a daily effort of adjustment, cleaning and maintenance. This usually exceeds the time required for FaceFormer therapy. If you then still consider that a symptom therapy must be carried out until the end of your life and that operations are associated with significant dangers, then deciding to try with to FaceFormer therapy should be relatively easy.

People do something for their health by themselves. This has long since become a global popular movement. As a result, diseases are avoided and in many cases aids and crutches have lost their importance. The FaceFormer therapy is an opportunity to improve the quality of life through your own initiative. Start with it now!

Main causes of snoring and nocturnal breathing interruptions

The main cause of snoring and also sleep apnea is the atony of muscles and tissues in the mouth, throat, nasal cavity. Saggy tissue narrows the air passages to the lungs. When breathing, the air flow through the narrowed passage vibrates the saggy tissue thereby producing the snoring noise. If the tissue is so flaccid that the airways are completely occluded, breathing interruptions occur. Probably, these breathing dropouts exist already as long as mankind. Numerous historical references can be found.

The erroneous argument of the full muscle relaxation during sleep

The argument that the mouth and throat muscles are completely relaxed during sleep and in so far any training is superfluous is not tenable and simply wrong. In the living body, a basic tension of the muscles is always maintained. This is urgently required, as this is the only way to keep the correct function in the respiratory tract and in the mouth, such as swallowing and breathing. If it were otherwise, there would be fatal consequences for the survival of mankind.