Why does FaceFormer Therapy work against vertigo?

External impacts that cause vertigo

Fast rotational movements, e.g. on the carousel, the stay at high altitude or excessive alcohol consumption influence the balance organ and provoke spontaneously dizziness. This experience has already been done by everyone. However, the triggered reactions are perceived very differently. What is fun to one person who tolerates the irritation well, is unbearable for the other one who won’t expose himself to such influences in the future.

External impacts that cause vertigo

Vertigo also occurs without external impacts. Erronenous stimuli on the human equilibrium organ, which is associated with the inner ear and responsible for hearing, as well as central irritations in the human brain, are probably the most frequent causes. But also inflammation, heart disorders, circulatory problems, metabolic dyfunctions, vascular issues, psychological influences etc. must be considered.

Appearances of vertigo

Rotary vertigo, positional vertigo, postural vertigo, vertigo pulling one up or down and vertico that triggers dizziness, correspond to the descriptions of dizziness, as affected persons perceive it.
Menièr’s disease produces various symptoms. Typical are attacks of rotary vertigo, nausea, sometimes even vomiting, ear noise (tinnitus) and hearing loss.

Schwindel tritt oft plötzlich und ohne Vorzeichen auf. Die Ursachen sind vielfältig.

Vertigo often occurs on a sudden and without any sign.

Any vertigo can result in vertigo attacks from one second to the next, without sign. They are of different duration – seconds, minutes, hours. Long-lasting dizziness – overground, months or ever-lasting – are classified as drowsiness or chronic dizziness.

Cause assumptions

The causes of dizziness can be manifold and doctors have various possibilities of diagnosis. A typical sign for rotary vertigo are e.g. jerky movements of the eye (nystagmus). The direction of rapid eye movements are indications for the disturbance of the balance, the nervous system, or the nerve pathways in the brain.
In many cases the causes of dizziness and concomitant impairments remain unrecognized and treatments seem randomly selected.

Therapy for vertigo

The default treatments for dizziness are application of antibiotics, blood flow promoters and cortisone. So-called antivertiginosa can relieve dizziness and nausea, but do not affect the cause. Because of significant side effects, they should be used only on short term and with the supervision of a doctor. Ginkgo or ginger are used as herbal remedies. In most cases, especially in the elderly, balance training is important. Surgical operations are indicated in tumors or vascular problems..

FaceFormer Therapy against vertigo and Morbus Menière

The basic assumption of the therapeutical approach with the faceformer is primarily ventilation problems to and in the middle ear, which trigger a multitude of diseases and disorders. A lack of air exchange and a lack of pressure compensation cause malfunctions in the middle ear. Inflammatory processes (central ear inflammation) and disturbed pressure conditions with effects on the membrane system of the inner ear and the balance system are the consequences. They have a damaging effect on hearing and balance. An incorrect or disturbed function sequence of breathing, swallowing, mouth closure, tongue position, etc. causes massive strain in the system and must be corrected. This applies to every age. Harmoniously functioning complex muscle chain functions of the mouth and pharynx in combination with breathing and swallowing are the prerequisite for these important mechanisms to be learned and to be carried out consistently and also unconsciously. As long as the consistently necessary functions are compensated by false movement patterns, the overall situation is permanently deteriorated, not only in the functional systems already affected, but also in remote segments of the human organism.

Effectiveness of Face Former Therapy

The face former therapy aims at the stabilization of the functions of the oral region, throat region, respiration, head balance, neck and body stasis. It stabilizes the necessary muscle chain functions, activates brain nerve functions and automates correct movement patterns. In the case of dizziness and hearing impairment, mechanisms of ventilation and pressure compensation in the central ear are decisively optimized. The Face Former therapy is carried out for at least 6 months, even if success occurs after a short time. Only in this way, the processes of stabilization and automation are beeing combined, thus preventing the regression to the old state.

Dr. Klaus und Sabine Berndsen
(Rehabilitologists, ISST-Unna.de)

Die ursachenorientierte Face Former Therapie mit dem Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer kann eine wirksame Alternative zur CPAP Beatmung sein.

The FaceFormer is the patented training devicefor the cause oriented treatment of vertigo and morbus menière.