FaceFormer Therapy ends long suffering

Hello, Mrs Berndsen,

I have once written a field report. I give you explicit permission to publish it with my full name.

If only I had come earlier to the ISST Unna to Dr. Berndsen. I would have been spared a long and expensive journey of suffering.

It started 4 years ago with severe headaches in the back of the head and mucous secretion from the left nose.

I only went to the ENT doctor after a long time, a CT showed an inflammation of the sphenoid bone cavity and after a long period of antibiotics an operation was recommended.

I then visited several ENT specialists, all of whom advised me to have surgery. Some also said that I had CMD and sent me to the dentist, others said that I had tensions but they had no solutions. I then invested a lot of money in bite splints and even went to the “GURU” in Kiel and paid a lot of money, despite there was no improvement.

My first surgery was in May 2015, no improvement.

The second surgery was then in June 2016 because a mucocele had formed in the frontal sinus as a result of the first surgery.

Also a third operation was done, because scarring can easily occur, no one has ever mentioned before.

Since my pain did not subside, an ENT doctor recommended a neurologist, unfortunately. This suspected Alzheimer’s, really bad, thank God a second neurologist refuted this diagnosis.

I have also tried osteopathy, physiotherapy, neural therapy, leech therapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy, with unfortunately never lasting success.

Thank God I was lucky to find a dentist, the first one who did not want to earn money from me and sent me to ISST-Unna, Dr. Berndsen.

Mrs. Berndsen told me that she probably could help me and identified malfunctions in the mouth and throat area, lack of mouth closure and mouth breathing as causes for my problems. A strongly deviating head balance and tongue position. Due to lack of nasal breathing, my sinus system was not ventilated. Mrs Berndsen carried out an intensive exercise treatment with me, whereby exercises with the FaceFormer played an important role.

She also said immediately that it will take a long time until I feel better and that I have to do the exercises consistently. I have been training with FaceFormer for almost one year. Little by little I felt better and better and I am very satisfied with the success.

Mrs. Berndsen has recognized the causes much better than anyone else before her and knows connections that are probably not even known to ENT doctors. I am very grateful to Mrs. Berndsen and will keep my further appointments with her exactly. She is the first one who has shown me the right way. Furthermore, there were no additional costs, except for the FaceFormer. A completely insignificant amount, when I think that I previously spent a very large sum of money on unsuccessful treatments, which also constantly worsened my suffering.

Many greetings,
Marita Wibbeke