Active Cosmetics by FaceFormer Training

Health and Beauty

Originary, the FaceFormer has been developed for people who are suffering on serious health problems such as swallowing disorders, hearing impairment, tinnitus, pain on face, jaw, neck, or back, problems with snoring, sleep apnea or respiratory problems.

However, users show often also positive cosmetic effects: Improved tension of facial muscles and skin, toning of the chin and neck region (double chin), better facial symmetry, strengthened lip tension, certain mouth closure, improved head and body posture, optimized breathing.

Common cosmetic products operate passively

It is an indisputable fact that our body simply tightens by active muscle training and keeps itself in shape. Of course this also applies to the head, neck and face region. Nevertheless, most people try to correct their face only passively by means of beauty products (cosmetics), or injections. If reactions by cosmetics occur at all, they usually don’t last longer than several hours. Long-term applications of specific cosmetics can even cause organ damage.

Active cosmetics – That’s how it’s done!

Adhere to the instructions for use and exercise regularly. A few and simple exercises, a little discipline, little time and a convincing success often occurs just after 3-4 weeks. Then practice 2 to 3 times a week.

Also both before and after cosmetic surgery: FaceFormer training improves and preserves.

It’s better to act by yourself!

FaceFormer Training – active training for your beauty

Active cosmetics by FaceFormer training

Active cosmetics by FaceFormer training

FaceFormer training effectuates the natural tightening of slack skin and tissues as well as muscle strengthening. It promotes blood circulation in the face and neck region besides of natural head and body posture, accurate muscle coordination dynamics, function correction, harmonized balance, symmetry and an optimized breathing.