Facy – was besseres konnte mir nicht passieren.

For many years, I was dominated by intense ringing in my ears. During my professional life, I have fought it through excessive activism. When I retired, I was particularly tormented by it and my quality of life suffered. The statement of the ENT doctor was devastating: “This is a widespread disease and you have to live with it”.

In the meantime, the ringing in my ears affected me to such an extent that I again visited my family doctor, who referred me to the Institute for Special Systemic Therapy via colleagues.

„Facy – best thing that ever happened to me.“

Sceptical at first, I felt strange, even silly, about using the “thing”. But already after two – three weeks of daily practice I felt better. The very good technical explanations by Mrs. Berndsen were a great help to me. So I learned how the use of the Facy works in therapy and that helped me a lot in the daily exercises (correct tongue position, breathing…). Not only the tormenting ringing in my ears is gone, but also my often occurring neck pain is like blown away. In stressful situations I still have some ringing in my ears from time to time, but this is quickly resolved when I use the Facy for a few minutes.

I could not have imagined that decades of incorrect tongue position and incorrect breathing would lead to success after such a relatively short time using FaceFormer. In the meantime I have a second Facy, which I always have at hand, because only the consistent use of the Facy brings lasting success.

Conclusion: I am well and I have gained a lot in quality of life.