Jaw anomaly: Experience after 2 months of use

The orthodontist advised the use of FaceFormer due to a jaw anomaly in our 8-year-old son. We then purchased the appliance directly from Dr. Berndsen. I can only recommend purchasing the FaceFormer Special Set. It contains a training DVD and an application plan.

The aim of the therapy is to eliminate the malpositioning of the lower jaw by means of significant night-time application. Our son tried to keep the FaceFormer in his mouth all night without any training. This was not successful. But with several weeks of advance training according to the exercise plan, it is already working very well. The FaceFormer now usually stays in the mouth until the morning. This was achieved in particular through targeted practice of nasal breathing.

We are not yet able to give first results concerning the lower jaw, because according to the orthodontist, our son should only wear the FaceFormer 4-6 months until the new appliance is introduced. However, we have received very positive experiences from another family with their child of the same age. It is a somewhat longer, but very gentle treatment for our son.

According to a telephone consultation with Dr. Berndsen, the FaceFormer does not contain bisphenol A (BPA). This is very important to us!