Material and Manufacturing

ff-patent-01The FaceFormer is an approved medical device. It has been specially developed as training device for the FaceFormer therapy.

The shape and material of the FaceFormer are exactly matched to the forces to be adjusted. They are the result of scientifically tested adaptations to a large number of patients.

The FaceFormer is made of siloprene, a high-quality material especially for medical applications. The careful manufacturing of the FaceFormer is carried out in a complex procedure. Volatile polymer components are completely evaporated in a multi-hour annealing process. Siloprene is biocompatible, it contains neither latex components nor significant amounts of nitrosamines and no plasticizer.

Allergic reactions to the high quality medically approved material are not known.

The Silopren used to manufacture is officially tested and approved. It meets all requirements and standards:

  • of european Pharmacopoeia
  • of german Arzneibuch
  • of US-Pharmacopoeia Class VI
  • of ISO 10993


High-quality siloprene is used for the production of the FaceFormer. The modern material is often used in medical applications and is absolutely harmless and easy to maintain.

The FaceFormer is cleaned under hot tap water. A toothbrush can also be used. If necessary, the FaceFormer can be sterilized briefly in boiling water or autoclaved at up to 110° C.