Nighttime sound attacks have subsided

About 6 weeks ago I purchased your FaceFormer. The use of FaceFormer has now allowed me to move back into the shared bedroom 😊. The nightly noise attacks have decreased enormously. I am very happy about this!

I still have a small problem: My upper lip frenulum is pulled very far down. That is why the FaceFormer chafes me at this point. My dentist said that maybe the trough could be deepened a little more, then the problem would be solved for sure. Now I don’t want to simply enlarge the cutout with scissors or a scalpel, because I don’t know whether this will create edges that irritate the sensitive oral mucosa. How can I help myself?


On the mouth shield (membrane), on one side in the middle, at the level of the labial frenulum, there is a small marked triangle. This is specially designed for cutting out. Please make the cut-out as exactly as possible, using small, very sharp scissors. Afterwards the problem should be solved. You can find instructions under diesem Link.