Scientific contributions from Dr. Klaus Berndsen und Sabine Berndsen

FaceFormer Therapy and the Impact on Spinal Cord Position


The goal of this pilot study was to discover whether the FaceFormer therapy of Dr. Berndsen could specifically the activate the interactive musculatures of craniomandibular and cervical systems while simultaneously influencing body tension. Thereby, interest was focused especially on the impact of deviations in the areas of the spinal column and pelvis. To capture such changes, the three dimensional back scanning method (Formetric, Diers) was used.

Materials and Methods

There were five test persons (n=5 w) with different dysfunctions in the craniomandibular system treated with the FaceFormer over a minimum period of four months. Every four months the exercises were supervised and monitored by certified therapists. The test persons completed the exercise program involving 40 exercises which were performed three times daily for seven minutes each. The specified instructions had to be followed consistently during the exercises. With the three dimensional back scanner (Formetric, Diers) which projects lines of light over the surface of the test person’s back, the results of the therapy on the upper body tension were analyzed and diagnosed every four weeks.



In the first three months, statistically relevant changes were registered (Kruskal Wallis Test, p=0.001). Using the change in averages of the previously determined measurement parameters, a concise summary of the data was determined, which proved a positive effect on the alignment of the spinal column had occurred.


The results illustrate that the Face Former therapy can produce a positive effect on posture alignment. These results support the hypothesis that strengthening the physiological head balance not only influences the position of the cervical spine, but also the system over this region through to the lumbar spine region can be influenced.


Frankfurt University

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Center for Tooth, Mouth and Jaw Medicine (Carolinium)
Herget, A., Ohlendorf, D., Berndsen, K., Kopp, S.
Outpatient Hospital for Orthodontics
Theodor Stern Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt

Study: FaceFormer Therapy and the Impact on Spinal Cord Position

Study: FaceFormer Therapy and the Impact on Spinal Cord Position