FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

Successful therapy against jaw pain

The patient suffered from massive jaw pain, which brought to despair. After painfull 15 years, accompanied from countless futile therapies, FaceFormer therapy finally brought deliverance.

For 15 years of my life I lived with massive jaw pain, that really brought me to despair. Many changing treatments with bite splints, physiotherapy, osteopathy. Nothing I have left out and done everything intensively but unsuccessfully. Through some applications short-term alleviation occurred, but after a few days everything was as bad as before. Because of the pain I could barely sleep, my jaw joints blocked increasingly stronger.

A shocking recommendation

No new causes were found during a new examination at the dentist. So continue with bite splints and so on. The doctor recommended me an additional psychological treatment. This suggestion was shocking for me and not very convincing.By chance, I found an orthodontist, whom I visited and asked for his opinion. He examined me, explained the connections to special functions and advised a treatment in the practice of Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen in Unna.

Hardly without any expectations

The first treatment session was very exciting for me. After all the frustrations, I had hardly any positive expectations, but was still looking for some help. Mrs. Berndsen explained the relationship between malfunctions in the mouth, jaw, facial area and muscular activities and postures. She would treat me, if I was ready to muster the patience for some exercising at home every day. At this time, after 15 years of treatments, I could not even imagine that my condition could improve at all, but I was happy to get involved.

Systematical therapy

Treatment startet with the systematic use of FaceFormer therapy. I was advised to perform my exercises every day at home and to vary and increase them according to the instructions. Exercises for the musculature of the face, head and body were additionally applied. Everything was totally new to me and my long-term negative therapy experiences had made me skeptical. However, I performed all applications correctly and regularly. Increasingly, my situation improved and the pain decreased considerably soon.

Nowadays completely free of jaw pain

After about 9 months treatment time (approximately such period was announced to me), nowadays I am completely pain free. I would like to thank Dr. Berndsen for the motivating, consistent treatment, where I was given competence and lots of patience. I can only recommend the method and the practice.

FaceFormer training: Effective help against jaw pain and CMD

FaceFormer training: Effective help against jaw pain and CMD

Experience report Effective help after 10 years of pain. An experience report.