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Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer – The patented original

The patented Dr. Berndsen FaceFormer is an approved medical product. The therapeutic training device has been especially developed for the causistical oriented FaceFormer therapy.

Regular exercises with the FaceFormer have an efficacious impact on the activity of the cranial nerves, on the formation of movement patterns, coordination and tension of tissues, muscles and skin in the regions of face, mouth and throat. The training positively promotes the motion and likewise the statics of the body as well as it stimulates the capabilities of perception. Continue reading

FaceFormer therapy against snoring and sleep apnea

We have developed FaceFormer Therapy for you as a neurophysiological and cause-oriented treatment method.

The goal of the FaceFormer therapy is to change respiratory patterns, to train the breathing muscles, to promote mouth closure when sleeping, to stop mouth breathing and to achieve a sufficient tension of muscles and mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat. All in all, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are to be eliminated.

The FaceFormer therapy takes into account:

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Tips and tricks for a successfull FaceFormer training

Incorrect movement patterns may cause saggy tissues. With the FaceFormer therapy, you will train slack tissue and limp muscles. At the same time, correct movements are automated. If you regularly perform the FaceFormer training, you may already feel some advancement after two or three weeks. However, you should not stop exercising. Get some important information on how to keep up the training regularly.

If you perform the FaceFormer training regularly, you will feel first successes already after two or three weeks. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop already with the training. To acchieve an enduring therapy success, you have to exercise with some patience and resilience over a distinct period until the effect has become stabilized. To acchive an enduring therapeutical effect, wie provide you with valuable tipps for a successful FaceFormer training.

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Incorrect movement patterns can cause the atony of tissue. With the FaceFormer therapy, we train relaxed tissue and relaxed muscles. At the same time, correct movement patterns are automated.

  • You reach your goal by doing the exercises regularly three times a day. Determine firm and frequent times for the exercises for your day.
  • For example, always perform your training immediately after brushing your teeth, in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
  • Do your exercises while driving a car on your  way to work or on the way home. Exercise when you’re watching TV, surfing on the internet or while doing housework.
  • Paste small red stickers to the front door of the fridge or your PC that remind you of the exercises.

Please remember:
Only the regular training leads to success.
Take your chance!

Improve yourself – Successfull FaceFormer training