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The front line of the airways

Junge Frau mit Atemmaske

Breathing masks offer fallacious protection

Breathing masks create a false sense of security. They are not very effective and only protect against infections when used correctly. Nasal breathing, on the other hand, is the ever-present, natural front line against corona and other viruses, bacteria, pollen and much more that attack health.

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Der Griff zum Schnuller

Pacifier – Not recommended

Nuk, Mam, Avent, Luckydent soother (Dr. Boehm), pickmed soother whatever: soother remains soother – All these sanctimonious soothers have extremely negative influence on the formation of the jaw and functions. Breathing, eating, drinking, swallowing, even the ventilation of the ears are massively disturbed. The superlatives, which are attributed by the manufacturers to the different soother shapes, are grotesque, unproven and originate only from the fantasy world of the promoter. The artificial nipples should actually develop a “flat form” (wherever it should develop, it would be bad enough anyway.). It is said to support the natural swallowing reflex and promote drinking behaviour. It should also have a calming effect in connection with a positive jaw formation. We do not want to imply that the self-explanatory experts here are lying in the devil’s eye and concede in their favour such attributes as slogans of ignorance.

Kleinkind mit SchnullerLack of comparative studies

Not a single publication is known that documents a serious comparison study with pacifiers. Of course, an ethics committee could not agree to such a devastating human experiment. And even if the irony went where far to test pacifiers in a spectacular attempt on our hairy relatives, the transfer of results to humans would be difficult to sell.

Thus only the possibility remains to bring about an assessment by means of approximate logic:
Pacifiers consist of a plate and a wedge-shaped teat. While the plate acts as a stopper against deep penetration into the oral cavity, the wedge is inserted between the rows of teeth and extends with a length of 2.5 to sometimes 5 cm far beyond the middle of the tongue into the oral cavity.

The less pacifier use, the better

In the baby, the edentulous alveolar processes have contact in the rear region (distally), while the frontal region of the tooth row (mesially) in the lower jaw is slightly behind that of the upper jaw. This position allows the incisors to set up later in the shearing position. The wedge of a pacifier always leads through the frontal row of teeth into the oral cavity, which causes the upper and lower jaws to move apart. Not the further the worse and the less the better is decisive here but only and alone – little use of a soother is good, less is better, not at all is best. The long lasting contact of the soother wedge with rows of teeth, tongue and palate leads to serious deformities in this system. Similarly, reactive functional changes occur: The constant opening of the mouth, without which no pacifier can be used, soon leads to a habituation of oral respiration. The airways of the nose do not develop sufficiently as a result. As a result, a lifelong restriction of healthy nasal breathing can remain. There is also no negative pressure in the mouth: an important prerequisite for the ventilation systems to the middle ear and the caves of the head as well as for shaping the palate.

Lots of harmful consequences

Schnuller hänt an DornenrankeThe soother’s wedge also interferes with the movement of the tongue, which is particularly important when transporting saliva, eating and drinking. It develops a compensation movement. Just a few weeks is enough to automate incorrect movement patterns and prevent the necessary synchronisation of muscle chain functions.
Finally, there is still the neurophysiological effects to consider: Man is a physiological premature birth and acquires most abilities of movement, language and thinking only outside the womb. If during this time the natural development is disturbed by the use of superfluous aids, incorrect patterns are fixed in the brain. They lead to the development of disorders or illnesses in later life which, of course, no one associates with a long-standing cause. Tooth misalignments, hearing disorders, pain, etc. are just a few examples. Thus better all Schnuller from the world create – they are like Convenience Food that the life is to make briefly somewhat more pleasant for the educating. However, the consequential damage to be expected does not compensate for the few hours left.

A pacifier does not optimise developments and children who do not get to know it do not miss anything that is important for them. The application time of the harmful nipples even exceeds that of thumb sucking. While the thumb must come out of the mouth at least when the hands are needed, the pacifier can also remain in the mouth when handling. Such permanent applications really have nothing, if anything, to do with the so-called “oral phase”. On the contrary, it even prevents the range of variations of experiences that are made through the mouth.