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FaceFormer Therapy: Users report their experience

Amazing effect on Breathing

For a long time, a patient’s breathing during sleep was influenced by snoring and sleep apnea in alarming extent. Only regular FaceFormer training brought relief. Here, the patient reports the amazing effect that FaceFormer therapy has on his breathing

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FaceFormer therapy against snoring and sleep apnea

We have developed FaceFormer Therapy for you as a neurophysiological and cause-oriented treatment method.

The goal of the FaceFormer therapy is to change respiratory patterns, to train the breathing muscles, to promote mouth closure when sleeping, to stop mouth breathing and to achieve a sufficient tension of muscles and mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat. All in all, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are to be eliminated.

The FaceFormer therapy takes into account:

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