TAS – Training therapy against apnea and snoring

TAS has emerged from the work and research of Dr. Klaus and Sabine Berndsen, two specialists for ‘neurophysiological myofunctions’. Over many years, they have developed effective treatment methods that are primarily used in severe disorders of eating, drinking, breathing and speech, as well as in head and neck pain.

Based on extensive knowledge about the interaction of important muscle chain functions and the influence on neural patterns, Berndsen/Berndsen succeeded in the development of a simple training therapy against snoring and sleep apnea. Instructed specialists like doctors and therapists overtake instructor functions themselves and concentrate their work on guidance, counseling and success control.

TAS-training therapy is directed against impairments of the healthy sleep by snoring and sleep apnea.

TAS-training therapy is directed against impairments of the healthy sleep by snoring and sleep apnea.

The required training equipment is inexpensiv and the therapy is easy to understand. It requires only a small amount of time and can be started immediately.

The effectiveness of TAS has been demonstrated by scientific studies, among others. TAS resulted in a good to very good treatment success for all patients.

Who is suitable for TAS?

The therapy aims to everyone whose sleep is impaired by snoring and sleep apnea. It is therapeutical negligible whether the snoring only disrupts the concerned person’s spouse or is a pronounced form of sleep apnea. In all cases the aim of TAS is the correction and elimination of the sleep disturbance.

Therapeutic goals

  • Harmonization and strengthening of muscles and tissues in the areas of head, mouth and neck
  • Toning the tissue in the mouth and throat
  • Reduction of malfunctions
  • Development of correct neurophysiological movement patterns
  • Nightly closure of the mouth
  • Conditioning the natural rest position of the tongue
  • Conditioning and stabilization of nasal breathing
  • Healthy and quiet sleep without tools
  • Stabilization of head balance
TAS promotes healthy and peaceful sleep without any tools

TAS promotes healthy and peaceful sleep without any tools

FaceFormer individual and FaceFormer anatomical

FaceFormer individual and FaceFormer anatomical

Therapy Components

  • Anamnesis, muscle strength measurement, counseling and TAS introduction
  • Preparation of plaster mold of the upper palate
  • 1 pc. FaceFormer
  • 1 pc. OSP (individual customized)
  • Writing therapy program
  • Monitoring and counseling over 4 months – 4 sessions (ea. 30 min.)
  • Concluding muscle strength measurement
OSP - Orale Stimulationsplatte

OSP – Oral stimulation plate

Combination Therapy – Can TAS be combined with other methods?

TAS is a useful support for other treatment procedures. Since, for example, respiratory assistance deviced (CPAP and BIPAP) are intended for lifelong nightly use, the patient lacks any prospect of a healthy ‘sleep without crutches’. Through TAS the patient can not only remedy his snoring, but also eliminate his dependency on assistance equipment.

Operations always involve risks and unfortunately they are often unsuitable and ineffective. Relapses of the old condition often occur as well. If a successful operation has been performed, TAS therapy would be helpful as postoperative care.