Training the mouth muscles with the FaceFormer

Our son Theo (5 years) has problems with his mouth muscles from birth. As a baby this was evident in the fact that he had to exert himself a lot when drinking and usually had his mouth open. Even today he still opens his mouth very often and has his tongue a little bit out of his mouth. However, the opening of the mouth and the advancement of the tongue are not due to mouth breathing, but are caused solely by the weak muscle tone in the entire mouth area. I then ordered the FaceFormer for my son on the advice of our osteopath.

Theo has already been undergoing ergotherapy treatment for about a year. At the same time I have also visited an osteopath to clarify whether there are blockages etc. in the mouth or head area. Fortunately everything is fine and Theo’s task should now be to train his mouth muscles. This can also be integrated relatively easily in everyday life by drinking with a straw or chewing gum. But as soon as he is inattentive or dreaming, his mouth is open and his tongue sticks out.

Theo has been using FaceFormer almost daily for about two weeks – it is intended to strengthen and train the mouth muscles. I also hope that Theo will have a different awareness of his mouth. He often doesn’t even notice that he carries out many activities with his mouth open.

Since Theo has been using FaceFormer, he can distinguish more clearly between open and closed mouth. It is already obvious that the tongue position he practises with the FaceFormer is already automated and often stays behind the incisors. I think and hope that this will also be transferred to the mouth area!

We will therefore continue with the FaceFormer exercises and hope that the targeted, selective training will soon pay off.