When the child has fallen into the well

About 80% of children in affluent countries have crooked teeth. In the article “Billions of rip-offs with braces and nobody knows what they really bring” from 25.04.2018 the Bild Zeitung expresses a shocking suspicion. Instead of ensuring a permanently beautiful smile, braces apparently only fill the wallets of orthodontists. Read what Dr. Berndsen has to say about this.

About 80% of children in affluent countries have crooked teeth. Of course, they should not stay that way and be transformed into beautiful dentures. Children first find it chic when colourful appliances – “little clamps” – decorate their mouths.

But the treatments are not as harmless as they seem. They can cause consequential damage and often disappoint the results: Despite years of treatment, everything goes wrong because the root cause of the problem remains.

Daher ein guter Rat an alle Eltern: Verhindert von Geburt an schädliche Einflüsse auf das Zahnwachstum. Das Wichtigste: Wenn möglich, Stillen statt Flaschentrinken, keine Schnuller, Nuckeln am Daumen oder Bettzipfeln usw., Flaschen oder Tassen mit Trinkzapfen nicht verwenden, Nasenatmung statt Mundatmung.

Therefore a good advice to all parents: Prevent harmful influences on tooth growth from birth on. The most important thing: If possible, breastfeeding instead of bottle-drinking, no pacifiers, sucking on the thumb or the tips of the bed etc., do not use bottles or cups with drinking taps, nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing.

Malpositioned teeth and jaws, open mouth, ear and cold problems and bad posture are only some of the consequences of these negative influences. They should be corrected as early as possible, at the age of 3-4 years. This is the only way to avoid aggravations and later extensive treatments. Exercises with the FaceFormer are the best help here to eliminate damage that has already occurred and to prevent negative developments.