FaceFormer Training as a cosmetic application against wrinkle development?


Based on the book by Benita Cantieni, I ordered the FaceFormer (with the aim of stopping the development of wrinkles in the face). As soon as I compress the FaceFormer with the lips, however, strong wrinkles appear on the upper lip and chin. After the 20 repetitions, the wrinkles are deep and red.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the exercise really useful or will the wrinkles not get even worse?


For cosmetic applications you should keep your lips wide during the exercises as if you wanted to laugh broadly. First do this in a controlled manner in front of the mirror.
It is indeed the case that some users have such wrinkles in the area of the lips. Unfortunately, Mrs Cantieni has not described this, perhaps because it does not occur to everyone and she has not observed it in herself. The problem also only affects the lip region. All other areas of the face, neck and décolleté are optimally trained.