How long is daily training?


How long should the user train daily with the FaceFormer?


The patient repeats the exercises 3 times a day.  It is sufficient to repeat the basic exercise and a pulling exercise 20 times each. In doing so, a tension state of the muscles is maintained for 6 seconds and then relaxed for 6 seconds (isometric training). Accordingly, 40 sequences of 6 seconds each are performed. The amount of time per exercise is 240 seconds, that is 4-5 minutes.

It is desirable to add two additional pulling exercises each with the same time expenditure. Intensive daily training should be carried out over three months. First benefits usually occur after 3-4 weeks.

Due to the Training during this time the nasal breathing improves. If the patient perceives this advancement, the FaceFormer is also used at night. In this way, the mouth is closed and a habitual nasal breathing is accustomed. Training and nightly use are maintained over six months, so that everything is done right in sleep.