Can months of use lead to material fatigue?


My son has been using his FaceFormer regularly for almost 7 months now. We are satisfied with this in principle, but today I discovered while cleaning that small cracks formed in the material. Can the FaceFormer still be used, or must a new one be purchased?


The FaceFormer is subject to a high load during use. The material, however, is designed in such a way that it is relatively wear-resistant, but not indestructible. If necessary, the FaceFormer must also be replaced after a certain period of use, which is often also important for hygienic reasons. Comparable devices, such as bite splints, which are made by dentists and cost at least 800.00 €, wear out after already about 3 months. Afterwards they must be renewed.

A further and not rare problem which limits the durability of the FaceFormer arises, because children bite on the mouth shield and then pull at the device. This type of misuse can be recognized by the fact that clear bite marks can be seen on the mouth shield. Cracks can appear at the edges of the mouth shield or at the base of the lip wedge. If used correctly, no impressions are visible on the mouth shield.