Are there publications on FaceFormer therapy?


Are there already scientific publications on FaceFormer therapy?


There is a large number of positive kasuisitic experiences. A number of studies have already been completed. Research is currently underway at other universities.

Completed examinations and corresponding results of the Department of Orthodontics, Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz have already been published by Dr. Nachef, Dr. Doll, Prof. Dr. Sergel: Zur Wirksamkeit eines neuen myofunktionellen Trainingsgerätes “FaceFormer” [On the effectiveness of a new myofunctional training device ‘FaceFormer’] in the book Prävention und Frühbehandlung [Prevention and early treatment] (Eds. Prof. Dr. Tränkmann und Dr. Jörg Lisson, Universität Hannover), Taufkirchen 2001, ISBN 3-00-008757-5.

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