Can I also train in supine position?


I often suffer from back problems and have problems sitting upright. Can I train lying on my back?


Basically, all Faceformer exercises are performed during the day in an upright sitting position, without leaning against the back and with the feet raised shoulder-wide or standing. This is an important prerequisite for the erection of the head with effects on body tension and body statics, as well as for the correct positioning of the tongue. Perform the FaceFormer training at least two to three times in the intended posture with concentration. At night, the FaceFormer is additionally used after two to three weeks of training at the latest. It prevents mouth breathing and provides unconscious micro training for muscle tension and negative pressure formation by activating the FaceFormer lip wedge and by closing the mouth with the FaceFormer mouth shield (membrane function).

FaceFormer exercises that you perform while lying down cannot replace the intended exercise program, but can be performed additionally.