Therapists and users report their experiences

Consistent FACEFORMER training has already helped thousands of patients with a wide variety of health problems. Enthused by the noticeable success, many users have told us in letters, e-mails and phone calls about their personal experiences with the FACEFORMER method. Get to know the FACEFORMER therapy from the individual point of view of these users and find out what is possible.

Therapist Opinion

This is how doctors and therapists rate FACEFORMER therapy

Super supplement to logopedic therapy. Is experienced very positively by our patients.

Dr. Cornelia Maier

Dr. Cornelia Maier

Orthodontist - Practice for holistic orthodontics
Daniel Brasse

Daniel Brasse

Speech therapist

The FACEFORMER is indispensable and without alternative in logopedic therapy.

An effective part of our treatment for TMJ disorders. FACEFORMER training could help many of our patients.

Carsten Goedde-Krupp

Carsten Goedde-Krupp

Osteopath – OsteoK
Jutta Chibidziura-Priesching, MSc

Jutta Chibidziura-Priesching, MSc

Speech therapist - Speech therapy practice Jutta Chibidziura-Priesching

I like to use the FACEFORMER with my patients because it is a small and practical “training device”. The program is clear and easy to understand, so that patients can clearly follow the training program. Many of those who practice consistently report improvements in their symptoms and, above all, a change in snoring after just a few weeks.

User experience

These are the experiences gained by users of FACEFORMER therapy

Probleme haben sich in Luft aufgelöst

Durch simple Übungen mit dem FaceFormer fand diese Frau nach 27 Jahren und unzähligen Arztbesuchen, Therapien und Medikamenten endlich Linderung für Kopf- und Kieferschmerzen und zahlreiche andere Symptome...

FaceFormer unterstützt bestens und holt den Patienten aus der Opferrolle

Seit ca. 18 Jahren empfehle ich, wenn nötig, meinen Patienten den FaceFormer und führe individuell angepasste Übungen mit den Patienten durch. Alle Störungen die Sie im Infoblatt aufzählen haben sich bei den Patienten tatsächlich...

Cleft lip and palate – Consistent FaceFormer training pays off

The nine-year-old son of the B. family was born with cleft lip and palate. Unfortunately, the conventional logopaedic treatment hardly brought any progress. It was only with the consistent FACEFORMER training that things turned around...

Finally no more breathing stops

"Already after 14 days there was no more snoring at night and after another 4 weeks there were no more breathing stops." In a spontaneous phone call to our practice in 2016, the 80-year-old former farmer Karl Kaub from Büren-Brenken told...

FaceFormer against snoring with pleasant side effect

This user had already tried various aids against his snoring - all without success. The FaceFormer was to be the last try, and it worked! The snoring is almost completely eliminated and, in addition, there are other pleasant "side effects"...

Mouth closure training with the FaceFormer method

Little Theo had problems with mouth closure and tongue from birth due to weak muscle tone. Targeted training using the FaceFormer method soon brought progress...