Typical Applications

Malpositioned teeth


Sleep apnea

Swallowing disorders

Hearing disorders

Impaired breathing



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FaceFormer training is a cause-oriented, neurophysiological treatment concept. The training includes exercises for tensioning and relaxing of muscles and for the functional adjustemt and correction as well as for the activation of brain nerve functions. Important elements of the holistic therapy are:

  • Guided movements
  • Low-pressure formation in the mouth and throat
  • Activation of breathing and functions of lower and upper respiratory tract
  • Activations of interactive muscle chain functions
  • Stimulation of cranial nerve functions
  • Pattern formation in the brain
  • Functional correction
  • Functional harmonization
  • Strengthening the orofacial and pharyngeal muscles
  • Optimization of cranio-cervical balance and sensomotor activity
  • Optimization of the body statics
  • Stimulation of metabolism
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Current Topics in FaceFormer Journal

Nasal breathing – Natural protection against infection with corona virus

Nasal breathing is a natural protection against infections with viruses and bacteria. The FaceFormer method trains natural nasal breathing and stops unhealthy mouth breathing. Find out how FaceFormer Training can also help you optimize and strengthen your immune system.

Mouth Breathing – The Dangerous Bad Thing

Many people are affected by mouth breathing without being aware of it. Often they can also breathe through their nose, but change their breathing at low levels of stress and during sleep.