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FaceFormer Therapy

FaceFormer therapy according to Berndsen/Berndsen is a cause-oriented, neurophysiological treatment concept. Important elements of the therapy are:

  • Activation of breathing and functions of lower and upper respiratory tract
  • Activations of interactive muscle chain functions
  • Stimulation of cranial nerve functions
  • Pattern formation in the brain
  • Functional corrections
  • Functional harmonization
  • Strengthening the orofacial and pharyngeal muscles
  • Optimization of cranio-cervical balance and sensomotor activity
  • Optimization of the body statics
  • Stimulation of metabolism

Seitentitel TherapeutenlisteThe FaceFormer therapy includes exercises for tensioning and relaxing of muscles, for the functional adjustemt and correction as well as for the activation of brain nerve functions. Guided movements and low-pressure formation in the mouth and throat are important elements in achieving these goals.

FaceFormer Training

Tips and tricks for a successfull FaceFormer training

Incorrect movement patterns may cause saggy tissues. With the FaceFormer therapy, you will train slack tissue and limp muscles. At the same time, correct movements are automated. If you regularly perform the FaceFormer training, you may already feel some advancement after two or three weeks. However, you should not stop exercising. Get some important information on how to keep up the training regularly.

Current Topics in FaceFormer Journal


Main causes for neck pain and back pain

Pain in the region of head, shoulder, neck and back can be caused by numerous triggers. In most cases, muscle tension, through static deficiencies and incorrect loads, is the cause of the pain. As the age grows, typical wear phenomena are also associated. Wear, however, does not necessarily lead to a pain problem. Despite degenerative alterations, most people remain mostly free of pain. In others, however, intermittent pain occurs sooner or later, which can lead to chronic long-term pain.

Why does FaceFormer Therapy work against vertigo?

Vertigo attacks may occur without any signs from one second to the other and often without visible external impact. Erronenous stimuli on the human equilibrium organ, which is associated with the inner ear and responsible for hearing, as well as central irritations in the human brain, are probably the most frequent causes. But also inflammation, heart disorders, circulatory problems, metabolic dyfunctions, vascular issues, psychological influences etc. must be considered.

Advice for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease

FaceFormer therapy systematically and effectively stimulates essential functions. It trains nasal breathing and the muscles of face, mouth and throat as well as the head balance and complex functions of chewing, swallowing, voice and linguistic articulation. People with Parkinson’s disease should start FaceFormer therapy early in order to counteract problems in breathing, swallowing, voice and posture and to maintain the normal functions as long as possible …

FaceFormer therapy against snoring and sleep apnea

FaceFormer therapy has been developed as a causative oriented neurophysiological treatment method against snoring and sleep apnea. Its goal is to change respiratory patterns, to strengthen the breathing muscles, to promote mouth closure when sleeping, to stop mouth breathing and to achieve a sufficient tension of muscles and mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat. All in all, the causes of snoring and sleep apnea are to be eliminated …

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