FACEFORMER® Exercise Therapy


FACEFORMER® Exercise Therapy


What is the FaceFormer®?

The FaceFormer is the training device for the neurophysiological FaceFormer training therapy according to Berndsen/Berndsen for the causal treatment of health disorders.

What is FaceFormer® Therapy?

FaceFormer therapy is a functional, neurophysiological training program. The FaceFormer is the training device specially adapted to the exercises.

Where does FaceFormer® Therapy help?

The FaceFormer therapy method has been successfully used for many years to treat pain and disorders of the face, jaw, tongue, throat, neck and back.

FaceFormer® Feedback

Therapists and users report

Marion Haberstroh

I have been recommending the FaceFormer to my patients for 18 years. All the disorders you list in the info sheet have actually been overcome in the patients.

Dr. Cornelia Maier

Super addition to logopedic therapy. Is experienced very positively by our patients.

Carsten Gödde-Krupp - OsteoK

An effective part of our treatment for TMJ disorders. FaceFormer training could help many of our patients.

Jutta Chibidziura-Priesching

The FaceFormer training program is easy to understand. After just a few weeks of consistent practice, my patients report improvements in their symptoms.

It already has positive effects after a short time. When I’m tense, I now bring my tongue into the practiced position and thus avoid clenching my teeth.

Great idea, much better than all other aids (rather emergency aids) that I have used. Nasal breathing is extremely important for health!

The FACEFORMER helps! The discipline really pays off. You just have to keep at it! In addition, the training also tightens the facial contour!

The FACEFORMER is a miracle product :-) Relaxes the jaw from the first moment. I am curious about further progress.

My wife has thrown away her collection of earplugs and sleeps with me again since I use the thing. We are both very happy about that!

I am absolutely thrilled with what the little part does. Many thanks to the inventor! Life is simply easier without pain.

The application works simply. You can actually sleep better, the exercises are simple. You quickly get used to it.

I train because of a facial paralysis that affects the mouth. This has resulted in strengthening of the lip muscles after only a few days. Wonderful!

After a few weeks there are noticeable and after a few months measurable successes. One would not want to miss the FACEFORMER anymore.

Before, I had constant neck pain and headaches due to teeth grinding. Now I notice the improvement after just a few weeks of regular practice.

My sleeping behavior has changed completely. I no longer snore, have deep sleep phases again and no longer sleep alone in bed. Recommendable!

Works! No more snoring! You have to get used to the new sleeping situation, but for me it went relatively quickly. All in all, a total success.

Very good invention, ideal for me against snoring. Of course, you have to do the exercise program and stay with it.

Through the exercises, the muscles relaxed and I was pain-free after 2 weeks! A total relief! Small part, big effect!

I would never have believed that it could be done differently. Now I no longer grind my teeth, which was not possible before with a dental splint.

My doctor had recommended FACEFORMER to me. The effect was noticeable on the first day. I can highly recommend this product.

It was hard to believe, but AFTER ONLY ONE WEEK of use! my husband no longer snores, likewise he no longer has breathing stops.
It is incredible.

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The goal of the FACEFORMER therapy method is to correct the causes of a syndrome (Cranio-Cervical Dysfunction Syndrome, or CCDS for short). Disorders of the two most vital functional systems, respiration and swallowing, cause numerous...
The FaceFormer is the training device specially developed for FaceFormer therapy. The shape and material of the approved medical device are precisely matched to the forces acting during the training process. They are the result of...
Get the FaceFormer app now and experience the effective benefits of FaceFormer neurophysiological exercise therapy! The FaceFormer App is the ideal training companion for your FaceFormer® training. With extensive features such as video...

FaceFormer® Product Family

Overview of product variants

More FaceFormer colour combinations are available in the Dr. Berndsen Shop.
Useful accessories for the neurophysiological FaceFormer training therapy complete the programme.

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Downloads Overview

On this page, we provide you the FaceFormer Exercise Guide, Exercise Calendar and other important documents for download in PDF format...
Therapists Directory

FaceFormer® Therapists Directory

In the FaceFormer therapists directory you will find doctors and therapists in your region who have completed the qualifying basic seminars for FaceFormer therapy...
FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen

FAQ – Answers on common questions

Do you have questions about the FaceFormer training device, the application of FaceFormer Therapy or the execution of the training exercises? In the FaceFormer FAQ you will find...

Studies on FaceFormer® Therapy

The success of the FaceFormer therapy method was intensively studied early on in close cooperation with several universities and institutes. In a series of scientific studies, the...

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