Constitutive dominant function of swallowing in CCDS

Every day we receive numerous requests for FaceFormer Therapy. Expect explanations of the effects of the method on specific symptoms. In most cases, a comparison is made to own experiences with idopathic treatments that have been unsuccessful.

Plakat zum Craniocervikalen Dysfunktions-SyndromWe answer the questions by first making clear the difference between symptomatic and causal treatments. Symptomatic therapies dominate everyday medical life, but often achieve no or only temporary improvements. They are emergency solutions that are applied because the causes are not known. However, only causal therapies are able to eliminate diseases effectively and in the long term.

With FaceFormer Therapy, we treat a complex of causes that is associated with many symptoms of illness. Our many years of research have shown that disorders of “Constitutive Dominant Functions” (Berndsen/Berndsen) result in numerous symptoms whose causal relationship has been considered unexplained to date. With the application of FaceFormer Therapy and the associated treatment of the functional disorders, the symptoms are reduced continuously in most cases, often until they disappear completely.

We have illustrated the interactive processes of the functional chains of the head in our diagram “Functional space mouth”. With this article, we begin to explain the scientific and practical connections that are associated with FaceFormer Therapy.

The contribution is aimed at doctors and therapists. A detailed version can be downloaded here as a PDF document (german language).