How the nose helps us

Front line against sick makers

Viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust often enter the body via the respiratory tract. This is particularly easy with people who breathe through the mouth. Thus they bypass the body’s most important filter and defence system against countless pathogens.

Nasal breathing – The front line of the defence system

Although breathing through both mouth and nose is successful, it is not irrelevant how we breathe. Only nasal breathing guarantees a protective function to ward off disease. On the way through the nasal passages, the air we breathe is cleaned, warmed and moistened. Harmful air particles get caught in the nasal mucus and in more than 30,000 small flesh hairs (cilia) of the nasal conchae. It is difficult for the sick makers to overcome the safety system. Once they are trapped, they cannot penetrate the body any further. They are either blown out or swallowed and destroyed by stomach acid.

Mouth breathing is harmful

People who breathe through the mouth are lacking important defensive functions. Pathogens can enter the mouth, throat and lungs unhindered and spread throughout the body via this route. In addition, the oxygen supply in the blood and in the body cells is reduced and the immune defence is constantly weakened. Overall, mouth breathers are therefore much more susceptible to diseases and are affected by them more frequently and more severely. If mouth breathing is not discontinued and switched to reliably automated nasal breathing, health problems will persist and worsen.

Mouth breathing is rarely noticed

Many people are affected by mouth breathing without being aware of it. Because they breathe through the nose too seldom, the airways have narrowed. Nevertheless, most people manage to breathe through their nose. However, minor physical exertion is sufficient for mouth breathing to occur unconsciously. Mouth breathing becomes noticeable in uncontrolled moments and especially during sleep. Open mouth, snoring and breathing stops at night are typical signs of this misbreathing.

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Umstellung von Mundatmung auf Nasenatmung

The successful changeover from mouth breathing to biological nasal breathing is not achieved by cognition or good intentions. Neither can nasal sprays change the wrong breathing behaviour and they also destroy the filigree defence system of the nasal mucous membrane permanently. Recommendations for surgical operations, for example because the nasal septum is crooked, are common and apparently plausible. Nevertheless, they can only rarely help to achieve lasting success. They also bear additional risks, cannot change behaviour and are without guarantee of success. But what about those frequently offered aids and devices?Although some of them may be instantly helpful, they are not suitable for a natural change to correct habits. Some of them may help at the very moment of application, but they are not suitable for a natural change to correct habits. Over time, they will even worsen the body’s own abilities.

The royal road to nasal breathing

Vital abilities are innate to humans, but can improve or deteriorate due to external influences. Mouth breathing is a wrong behaviour. It is caused in early childhood by faulty stimuli. Therefore, the first negative effects already occur in this phase of life: Frequent infections, middle ear infections, nasal polyps, malpositioned teeth, malformations of speech sounds are some examples. The harmful effects of oral respiration accompany us throughout our lives and their consequences repeatedly cause symptoms of illness. Because the faulty learned stuff are responsible for this, the wrong behaviour must be unlearned and the right one must be learned. This will only be achieved with special exercise programmes. The FaceFormer Training Therapy has approved itself here. It considers current scientific results to reach a correct breathing behaviour. Therefore, identical exercises are trained regularly over a limited period of time with a training device, the FaceFormer. As soon as resistance-free breathing through the nose is automated, the program can be finished. The newly learnt skills are preserved long-term: The natural breathing through the nose continues day and night.A successful recipe for the prevention and shielding of pathogens, allergies, snoring, nocturnal breathing interruptions and much more. Additionally, the method is a fitness training for the general health and to improve physical performance.