Long search for help

I had tension and pain in my neck, face and jaw, especially in the left half of my face. I was snoring and at night I woke up 2-3 times. My mouth was dry, so I had to drink constantly.

As a result, I went through a long odyssey from one doctor to another. A dentist made five bite splints for me without success. All efforts remained in vain and my pain became stronger and stronger.  Finally a physiotherapist recommended that I do FaceFormer Therapy with Dr. Berndsen.

After a good year of treatment with FaceFormer Therapy, I am very happy to report that I no longer have any pain. In spite of heavy stress in my family and circle of friends, I am so stable that I can manage my daily life independently and unencumbered without pain, without support, e.g. through the help of my husband.

I have something in my hand that I can help myself with. It’s hard to believe that I got so much quality of life back through such a small thing – the Facy!