Nasal breathing – Natural protection against infection with corona virus

Mouth breathing causes illness: People who breathe often or continuously through the mouth are particularly often and more severely affected by infection through the airways than nasal breathers.

Proper nasal breathing is important!

Inhalation and exhalation through the nose, during the day and also during sleep, is the natural protection against many diseases. Breathing air passed through the mucous membranes of the nasal concha is cleaned, warmed and moistened. These functions and stimulations of the nasal nervous system support immune reactions: Viruses, bacteria, moulds and pollen are repelled and bound in the nasal mucus. In mouth breathing, this defence system is not available and pathogens have free access to the mouth, throat and airways.

Mouth breathing is often not recognized

Many people are mouth breathers without being aware of it. Although they can also breathe through the nose for a short time, they switch back to mouth breathing when under slight stress and during sleep.

Healthy nasal breathing with the FaceFormer method

Good intentions are not enough to get rid of harmful mouth breathing and even pills and operations do not lead to new habits. Only exercise programmes, especially the FaceFormer method, are suitable for changing to consistent nasal breathing. It is used regularly until nasal breathing functions smoothly and is automated. The small and time-limited effort involved in the training program is worthwhile. What has been achieved once will be preserved for a long time. The air passages of the nose are improved and natural breathing is also possible during sleep. A successful concept against infection, allergies, snoring and nocturnal breathing stops, but also against numerous other diseases.

Information about the Corona Virus


The corona virus with the disease name SARS-CoV-2 can cause colds and also severe breathing difficulties and pneumonia. The virus has probably been transmitted from animals to humans, who then also infect other people.

Path of infection

The transmission occurs via fine liquid secretions from the mouth, nose and respiratory tract, but also through contact with metal, glass or plastic, where deposited viruses can remain active for up to nine days. An effective therapy against the disease does not yet exist. Approximately 2% of the patients die. By way of comparison, around ten percent died of the SARS virus in 2002/2003 and around 0.1 percent in the flu epidemic in 2017/2018.

Protect from infection

  • Keep away from large crowds if possible
  • Wash hands frequently and use disinfectants if necessary
  • Keeping a distance to sick people
  • Train optimal nasal breathing – FaceFormer Method
  • Screening from coughing and sneezing, preferably in the crook of the arm
  • In case of suspicion of infection contact the responsible health office
  • For additional protection of other breathing masks wear

Natural protection against infection

In the second part of our series of articles you can learn more about harmful oral respiration and switching to healthy nasal breathing.